Saturday, April 6, 2013

Witches Brew Paper Craft

Today is Day 6 of Pagan Cultures Blog Anniversary.
For today Magaly went with the theme
I have to wonder if she meant the craft practiced by Witches or just crafts in general
According to Wikipedia
A craft is a pastime or a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work. In a historical sense, particularly as pertinent to the Middle Ages and earlier, the term is usually applied to people occupied in small-scale production of goods. The traditional terms craftsman and craftswoman are nowadays often replaced by artisan and rarely by craftsperson.
But one could also take today's theme to mean Witchcraft
I'm going with the first definition today.
 I named this piece Witches Brew.
Outside the Garden a Witches Familiar prowls while inside...
 A group of Witches gather to share a bit of Witches Brew.  Now what's inside those little tea cups is entirely up to you. 
I found a list of traditional herbs used in Witchcraft and peppered them throughout the page.
I am also going to link up to
After all I did create this piece using paper even if it was for a different reason.  And yes, I know that the subject matter is a bit odd but I just found this linky party, it's new and I want to support it. 

I hope you enjoy my interpretation of today's theme and come join in Manopopje's...Art Party


Catherine Constance said...

Lovely to meet you, so glad you came to Lottie's party... love your witchy pictures...I wonder what would be in a Witches teacup? :)

Catherine Constance said...

Just had a look round your blog... love interesting and your a cupcake queen...I will doing some of your recipes... :)

Manon said...

Love the witches, especially the glitter hats. Its giving me some ideas so thank you for the inspiration! Glad you have come to join us at Paper Saturdays :)

Gina said...

What a fabulous journal!!! Loving the sparkly part hats :D Every withc should have one :D XXX

Magaly Guerrero said...

Oh sweet Caroline, all craft brings in a little magic. Whether is WitchCRAFT or CRAFT one makes. There is something about putting hand and heart into a piece that brings it to life.

I love the combination of the two. "Witches Brew" is a perfect combination of the two, and I totally agree with Gina ;-)

Jez said...

I like both pieces, the little group of witches makes me smile, perhaps they are swapping spells and recipes, and I like a bit of sparkle. And the familiar in front of the arches is beautifully done.

Candy C said...

Your makes are so cute! I love the glittered up witches! So clever! I also love that gothic arch! Very cool! Thanks so much for the very nice comment you left on my blog this morning. You really need to try the embossing paste! You'd LOVE it!! It's so creamy and easy to work with. It takes color well or you can add color and/or crackle after it dries, depending on the look you're going for. It comes in white, black, and gold and silver metalic. But, if you use the metallic and you're stenciling with it, be sure not to use quite as much of the metallic ones with the stencils. For some reason, just those two tend to wick out just a little bit when you use as much as you would normally think you would use. The black and the white are fine. Thanks again so much for stopping by my blog! <3 Candy

Melissa Kojima said...

These witches are so fun. What a great way to celebrate Pagan days!

Sunshineshelle said...

Ohhhhh, I'll have a cup of hat tea too, love the crafty artwork, and came by (finally) via Magaly's blog, so happy I did :)