Saturday, April 13, 2013

The Three Crows

Today is Day 13, the final day, of Pagan Culture's Witches in Fiction 4th Blog Anniversary celebration.  I am sad that it is ending, I've learned a lot and read some very wonderful posts.  I'd like to thank everyone that has left me comments over the last 2 weeks, they have made me feel like my posts, although much different from others, were still appreciated. 
Magaly is ending her hop with the theme
Humm...Witches in Photography, I'm sure there are tons out there but I just don't have any.  However I do have a fabulous family photo with a wonderful story.
This is an image of some of my Great Great Great...Grandmothers. My own Grandmother told me the story of this photo a few years ago and I have fell in love with the story and the history automatically.  Apparently, back when this photo was taken, it was considered "making it" if you owned a black silk dress, could get dressed up and have your photo taken. Well, that is what these women did and when the photo was developed someone said they looked like "Three Black Crows". 
This photograph has inspired and been used in a lot of my artwork. But this one, that I did for a Journal entry, is my favorite.   
Look closely, the faces have changed.  Can't see it?  Well luckily I have some close ups, see bellow.  
Now they are my Great Grandmother's. 
 Now they're not!
I don't know why I associate crows with witchcraft, but I do.  Off my rocker probably, but I guess if an evil witch was to transform into anything I imagine it would be a crow. 
I hope you enjoy my interpretation of the theme.  It has been a fun hop, can't wait to see what Magaly has planned for next year!
I am also sharing this with
Come week I hope to get to play with her adorable little paper doll!


Marcia said...

Hey! Thanks for visiting my blog. I had to check your blog because of uour fun name!

Manon said...

Oh wow I was complety smithen with the story too and I am intrigued going to look if any of my great granparents were dressed in black. Happy Paper Saturdas!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I can see why you love the story. It is almost impossible not to fall in love with such kind of family history. I can almost imagine the three women making the plans, saving their money, posing (forever) to have their image capture, and then grinning when others (and themselves) said they looked like three crows. Totally lovely.

Crows have always been consider a power magical symbol among Witches. Particularly those who revere/follow Morrigan the Crow Goddess.

I really enjoyed this post, and all what've shared. I'm enchanted by how you've included your family history into your art, which is something very witchy ;-)

Linda Wildenstein said...

Three black crows is wonderful. I have a picture similar to this one of some distance relatives. They all looked so very stern and unbending. You've taken it to a whole different level with the crow heads. It tickled me to see them that way. Thanks for all of your entries in Magaly's fun. I've enjoyed all that you have added. Oma Linda

Catherine Constance said...

Love the story and your artwork is gorgeous. Love the way you magically transformed those witchy ladies. :)

Jez said...

An interesting story and how lovely to have that much family history available. It was so hard for them to keep still and keep their faces unmoving while the photograph took place - I remember having to keep very still for a minute or so while my uncle took a photo using a magnesium flash of some kind, and it seemed to take ages.
Great journal pages.