Hey, I’m Caroline. 
I’m a wife, mother, assembly artist, struggling writer, amateur chef and avid reader. 

Glitter Tart Designs was launched in 2008 and has developed and changed as I have learned more about my art, grown my family and been influenced by other lovely bloggers.  I hope to continue to grow and share that growth here on Glitter Tart Designs.
Posts on Glitter Tart Designs are all about my three main hobbies. 
Art:  I share mine, create tutorials, share others art, and host swaps.

Recipes:  When I’m not covered with glitter in the Studio I like to throw flour around my kitchen.  My favorite thing to make are cupcakes and I share my creations, tips and recipes.  One day I hope to launch an online bakery but I’m in no rush. 

Reading:  My art is inspired by many of the books that I read and I read a broad range.  I’m a member of two book clubs and I always have a pile of books that has nothing to do with the clubs to read.  I review as many of the books I read as I can. 


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