Saturday, February 27, 2016

Tunnel of Love Book

 This past August my baby sister walked down the aisle.  One of the wedding games was a fun musical chair, search the crowd for items, game.  Well, I got picked to play and represent my lovely sister.  Alas, I did not win (I let a flower girl win ;) Anyways, participants were given a month throughout the year to send postcards to the newly wed couple, I received February.  Well, y'all know I don't do postcards, something about the flat thing just trips me up LOL.  So, this is what I created a Tunnel book filled with love poems for her using the fabulous new Alpha Stamps kit.
The album comes with one page cut for the window and a number of additional whole pages.  I decided to make a tunnel book so I cut arches in each page, but the last one.  The arches get smaller and smaller the further into the book you go.  
HERE is a list of a number of the supplies I used.

The cover page is thicker than all the other pages so that I could dangle the birds without them hitting the window or damaging the pages behind them.  To hide the ugly sides of the foam core I wrapped the foam using brown seam binding.  The birds are hanging on fishing line.
 I painted each page with distress paints in various shades.  I also used some acrylics I had on hand to get the shades just right.  I was attempting to match the background color with the torn paper bits (Friendship, Charmed, Petite moments and Adorn papers) you see on each page.  
To finish off the background each page is randomly stamped with various stamps, Boho Paisley clear stamp, Old letter writing rubber stamp (on every page), Fleur De Lis Bird and Arrow Clear Stamp Set, Damask Study Clear Stamp (all stamps found on link above).
 Birds on branches frame this pages window arch.
 And you know I had to pull out my Ice Resin and make some goodies.  The flourishes are molded from the Architectural Flourishes Mold.  The heart is a mold I made from a charm I had laying around.  To add a bit of depth to the colors of the pieces I brushed on some Lumiere Metallic Gold, I also brushed this onto all the flowers throughout the entire book.
  On each page is printed a love poem (or part of one).  The text was printed using my printer onto Provence French Quarter 12x12 paper which I then cut out and placed on each page.  
This is a snipet from Shakespeare's Sonnet 116.
 A strip of Provincial Cobblestone 12x12 paper binds the inner pages together.  I must thank Tristan Robin Blackman of Enchanted Revelries for helping me with how to bind the massively 3D pages.  
 Check out how the scene in the arch changes with each turn of a page!  
This page features an image from the Mischievous Cupid Collage Sheet that I have loved and not had a use for until this project, heck, I probably did this entire project just so I could use this image.  
 Bunches and bunches of flowers!
The edge of each of the torn pages has been rubbed with Antique Linen Distress Ink (leaving it white was too harsh even though there was white on many of the papers).  
A portion of [i carry your heart with me (i carry it in)] by e.e. cummings (one of my personal favorites) is on this page.  
 Just a note on the order of steps for the background pages.  I started by painting the pages all an off white, then stamped before adding the color.  The papers went on next and finally a light brushing of white over everything.  
 Roses from the Pink Roses Collage sheet are highlighted on the third page.  A bit of chipboard balcony with Ice Resin pots filled with flowers finishes off the page.
 This is the first time I have mixed Acrylic paint into my Ice resin and I like the result.  It is flat (unlike powders that I typically add) but a bit of the gold paint fixed that right up.  It would also serve as a great piece to add a rub-on or sticker to.   
Y'all see that fabulous stitched leaf ribbon in a lot of my pieces.  I just love the stuff.  So of course the chipboard balcony had to have some growing on it.  
 A bit of William Blake's The Clod and the Pebble is featured on this page.  
When pulling a book together that has images you can see the backs of, make sure you cover them with pretty paper, it just takes it the extra mile in my opinion.  
 This page was fun, and different, to pull together, because I needed an entire scene instead of just window framing.  
 The new Leafy corners chipboard adds a bit of a frame to the top portion of the page.  I enhanced it with some fern garland and small pale pink mulberry blossoms.
 Images from the Vintage Postcard Faries Collage Sheet are all over this page along with some columns from the Garden Columns Collage Sheet.
 The final poem is by Eliza Acton a section of her I Love Thee poem.  
I'm sure you realized that this is one thick book with all those embellishments.  So there was a massive side panel to decorate.  I used a large image from The balcony Collage Sheet.  Hid the fact that it doesn't reach the top of bottom with torn bits of paper and added a small bird.  
The embellishments on the front cover spill over onto the side.  To me it looks like the vines from the image are wrapping around to the front. 

One last look at the tunnel.  
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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time to Shop

Shopping, I personally loath shopping, but not Blanch.  Blanch loves nothing more than a bit of outdoor shopping and goes absolutely to the moon when it is done Alpha Stamp style.
Today Blanche is heading to the grand opening of a new outdoor mall.  The clock is ticking away the minutes until she can enter.  
 The Architect spared no expense.  An Ice Resin mold of an Architectural Flourish (gigantic supply list at end of post) adorns the Flower Shop Window.
 Each side of the box is decorated with a wooden flower box filled with coordinating flowers.
 Blanche wondered what the mysterious black window on the back of the mall was.
Until she left the mall late that night and the clock tower was lit with an LED tea light.  The little black window is how the maintenance worker turns on and off the light.  It is just the right size to slip one's fingers inside and grab the light.
 The architect is a little disappointed in the roof, it is the first time she has made one with such a severe slant and she was worried about weight.  In her dreams the roof would have been covered with shingles.  As is she settled for three layers of paper with the ends rolled up.
 The clock strikes 1:25 pm (yea I know a really strange time, but heck the owners like to sleep in, have a bit of lunch and then go to work) and Blanche heads inside.  The front panel of the box pulls away to revel chipboard houses.
  The mall unfolds before Blanche.
 First stop, the Tea Parlor, after all it is tea time!  Blanche told Joan she would meet her at the Chipboard Tea Set sign. 
 On a rainy day (which thank goodness the opening day is not) water will run out of the tea pot. Not really but wouldn't gutters and downspouts be so much cooler if they did have fabulous tea pots at the end of them!?!
 Rejuvenated (one of my daughters vocabulary words this week) from their spot of tea, Blanche and Joan had to the Perfumerie.  They have to enter a Gothic Chipboard fence to go inside.
Perfume bottles adorn every inch of this shop.  The shop clerk makes all her own bottles from the DIY Potion Bottles bead mix. Joan adores that the stoppers are all pearls.  So chic! Blanche picks out a floral scent that will drive the honey bees bonkers.  

 Onto the Lingerie shop.  Joan has been waiting and waiting for this.  She loves how fancy undergarments make her feel. The stockings hanging outside are made of silk!
 Joan can't resist feeling the exquisite lace hanging on the plush hanger that matches the shops wallpaper!.
 Both women decide they needs some flowers to brighten their houses.  They head into the Florist shop.  This florists favorite flower is sunflowers, they cover every inch of the shop.  It's a good thing Joan and Blanche like the happy flowers too.  
Lastly the ladies head to the toy shop to pick something out for their grand-babies.  
The toys look so tantalizing that Blanche tries to reach through the window, but is stopped by the crystal clear Ice Resin that fills all the windows of the mall.

The two ladies had a grand time today.  
I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as they enjoyed the experience.  
Thanks for stopping by!

Flat house supplies (used on every house)
Flat houses
Provincial paper pad 6x6 
Deco window
Windows 4 panel
Tea Shop
Perfume Shop
Lingerie Shop
3/8 inch looped ivory lace
Flower Shop
Toy Shop
12x12 paper hedge, mail, chaise, hampton

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Moulin Dude

 Girls can't have all the fun can we?  Well, not according to these 10 dudes.  They're kicking up their spats and showing us ladies just how high they can can-can.
This month over at Alpha Stamps the kit is all about love, an Amour kit.  What better way for 10 sexy dudes to show their ladies how much they love them than by facing down their stage fright and giving them a show.
But this isn't any ordinary stage. It is watched over by a cameo of Jane Avril.  
The curtains are a deep rich black velvet (it's just paper from the Love and Lace collection, but velvet sounds so much better) embroidered with luscious roses.
 And what are curtains without some pink sweeper fringe (boring, that's what)?
The stage manager didn't stop there, little golden hearts dangle about the performers nuggets (think Victorian disco balls). 
Behind those jovial men is a tiled wall.  To create this effect (which I am sad is mostly covered up, but boy was it fun to make) I used the Ornaments and Settings Silicone mold. 
I created a video a few months back on how to use hot glue in the molds, which is what I did.  This technique cuts down on time when making a bunch of the exact same thing.

I flipped them diagonal and lined them up starting in the center of the box.  At the edges the squares had to be cut in half.  
The back of the wall also has some iconic French landmarks framed in circular lace edge settings.
 There was no way I was going to create a stage and not have it lit up.  Instead of the traditional white lights I selected red for a more Valentines feel.   
To hide the lights the stage manager ordered custom sconces made.  Oval filigree settings were bent to form the shape. They were then adorned with images from the French Oval Collage Sheet and covered with Diamond Glaze.
But the stage details don't stop there.  To adorn the stage a 3/4" Metal Deco Strip was wrapped around the box and then aged with various patinas from the weathered copper and treasured heirlooms sets. A touch of cream and black were also added.
These fabulous men have admirers who have littered the stage with pink roses.  

I hope your significant others pull out all the stops for you this Valentines!  You deserve it!  If not the Moulin Dudes will put a smile on your face.
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Reindeer do Fly!

 Sleigh kits!  
Need I say more?
This month Alpha Stamps is all about the Sleigh. Be them big, little, flat or 3D.  What is a sleigh without some Reindeer.  Have no fear, Alpha Stamps has them too and boy did I have a great time playing with all these goodies.
So grab some hot chocolate, eggnog, hot toddy, etc and enjoy!
 I'll start with the simple and work my way up to the flying reindeer, because, well there is a story there LOL.
I used the Chipboard Sleigh to hold all of Santa's presents.
HERE is a link to most of the supplies I used from Alpha Stamps.
To achieve the rich red on the sleigh I started by stamping the Fancy Flourish Clear Stamp, painted over that with red paint, grunged up the edges with some black ink and then painted over it all with crackle distress paint.
 In my world everyone is nice and Santa's sleigh is overfilled to the point that the reindeer get extra feed.
The gifts are 7/8" wooden cube blocks wrapped in Christmastime paper.  Oh my, these are stunning, I prefer the 6x6 pieces because the pattern/designs are smaller.  Wrapping ribbon around them would have hidden the pretty patterns so I used gold mini rosette Dresden boarders to act like ribbon and then tied a bit of seam binding to make the bow on top.
 Along all the edges of Santa's sleigh is rich gold metallic single loop braid ribbon. The rest of the swirls that are on the sleigh are painted with metallic gold paint and coated with gold stickles.
 I made a bunch of wreaths for this project, and I mean a bunch.  Tim Holtz's pine twine came in very handy. To accent the wreaths on the sleigh I added small pine cones,  ribbon from the Christmas set, and a few of the red glittered holy berries.  Everything, and I mean everything, got a dusting of extra fine white glitter. A small snowflake charm, that I painted gold, hangs in the center of this wreath.
And here is what inspired all those wreaths.  
I wanted something to break up the sled, why not some greenery and a charm.  I used more of those holy berries, small pine cones, clear acrylic spray that I coated in olive alcohol ink, and the deer charm. Once this became part of the sleigh it was only natural for the rest of the sleigh to get a wreath concoction too. There is a wreath on the front and back of the sleigh.  
 Okay, so here is where my art brain went a bit wild.  
When I envisioned this piece it had flying reindeer. I approached my husband to see if he could help me with this.  He of course said yes because he is a HUGE enabler ;)  We scoured the internet for bits and found some carousel pieces that would work.  Alas, we couldn't get our hands on those because the poor woman broke her arm.  Did that deter us, nope.  We built our own!
We shot for the moon and landed among the stars.
Before I get to the moving parts let's pause and pay homage to Rudolf.  You knew I was going to light something up ;)  
Rudolf is a chipboard reindeer covered in the scrumptious Christmastime paper with a wreath around his dainty neck and gold metallic mini braid ribbon for a harness. His nose is, and this is ironic, Red Demon Eyes - LED lights-large.  I removed one of the red lights and hid the wires with a wired pine needle stem wrapped around Rudolf post and then a gift strategically placed in front of the switch and battery pack.  
Okay onto flight!
As I mentioned earlier we shot for the moon and landed in the stars.  Only one set of the reindeer currently move, but we have a plan to fix that.  As soon as we get all the kinks worked out I will repost.
 Once everything is moving correctly I will attach the lead lines.  I have gold DMC thread and some fabulous beads (minuscule ones) from Alpha Stamps to put on it.
 So all that machinery needed a home and that home needed some decoration. 
The tree's are from a fabulous pack that makes 3D trees (they should be HERE) by slipping two of them together.  I didn't need anything 3D (OMG that is the first time I have ever said that!) so I did not put them together, instead I covered them with paper and added some glitter.
 For the houses I used Black chipboard windows and Die-cut chipboard houses with windows.  And do you see what I see?  Yep, more wreaths.  I made most of them, but the two here are tiny felt wreath stickers.  
Each house is outlined in a narrow gold fleur dresden boarder.  Can you believe this is my first time using this bit of Dresden?  One of my new favorites for sure. 
 It is impossible to see in the photos, but all the windows are coated in the distress rock candy crackle.  
The base is finished off with more garland and star tinsel
Well, that's it.
Thanks so much for stopping by.  
I am off to get myself a cup of hot chocolate and watch my reindeer fly!
Happy Holiday's to all!