Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Tea Princesses Crown with Two Toned Ribbon Leaf Tutorial

Okay gang, steep a bag, don your finest attire, pull out all the bling, and sit back and relax while you check out The Tea Princesses Crown.

I have been itching to create a crown, for some reason they always seemed so intimidating, but when I set my mind to it and received this months kit, Provence French Country, from Alpha Stamps, everything fell into place.

The frame of the crown was created using the 2 3/4" wide Ivory Venice Lace (Massive Supply list HERE).  The Ivory was a little too light in my opinion, had a cup of coffee sitting next to me (Yes, I know!  I'm a traitor, but it was early early in the morning, don't tell the Tea Princess!) so in went the lace and out came this gorgeous color.  Next I soaked it in Plaid Stiffy Fabric Stiffener (from local craft store), set it flat to dry.  When it was dry I soaked it a second time and wrapped it around a massive cylindrical tube.  Had to pin it in a few places to keep it on.

 Once it was dry it was time to get crackin'.  
For the focal point I used a chipboard Tea Cup from the Teaparty Chipboard Die-Cut set and glued on an image from the Sweet Tea Collage Sheet.  The image was a bit too grey for the crown so she got brushed with Vintage Photo Distress Ink and Galaxy Gold Ink
For some reason I just couldn't wrap my mind around how to make the saucer look like a saucer, where to draw what lines I covered it up with a crown from the Royal Icons Silicone Mold.  All the molded items on the crown I created using hot glue.  
A few weeks ago I created a tutorial for how I did that.  
What tea cup doesn't need some filigree behind it?  
This piece is from the Large Bronze Fancy Filigree Set.  To make it fit for a royal, I painted it with a coat of Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint in Metallic Gold.  It took on this amazing depth of color. To make my other pieces look the same I first painted them with a coat of black acrylic paint and then covered it with the Metallic Gold.  I did this on everything you see gold, all the molds and the triple pearl pins (they were originally pearl colored).

To fancify the tea cup's handle I added a flourish from the Small Flourishes Silicone Mold and a bow from the mini bows silicone mold.
Flowers, flowers everywhere!  
Seam binding roses are such great filler.  The pink, tan and blue seam binding are from the Provence Seam binding set (oh, these colors are so luscious).  For the leaves, Serbian Brown, from the Art Nouveau seam binding set.  Do you see that little tip of Spice (burn orange) coming out of the center flowers leaf?  I'm going to show you how to do that!  That shade of seam binding is from the On the Boardwalk seam binding set.
But I didn't stop there, That luscious velvet flower is a Vintage Velvet Hydrangea.  I painted it's center with a bit of the gold.  I didn't think about making the center of the seam binding roses gold until after I'd sewn on the pearls from the cream pearl assortment, and well, I didn't want to get gold on the flowers, so no gold centers.
When I was thinking about what kind of tutorial I would like to do for this project (there has been a request for simpler tutorials and projects, and well, this is not a simple project) I decided I wanted to show how to make the ribbon leaves. They add so much to the little seam binding roses and other purchased flowers that don't come with enough leaves.  You can never have enough leaves.  But how to make it mine, new and original?  So I stared at the pile of ribbon on my desk, and stared and then light bulb!  Why not make the leaves two toned?  The above image shows two toned leaves using the 1 1/2" moss green satin ribbon and a darker green I found at the craft store.  The flower I enhanced with these leaves is from the Calla Lilies and Berries pack, in Ivory.

The secret to this process is that your ribbons need to be the same width or equal the overall size.  So one ribbon can be 1 1/2" and the inside ribbon can be 1 3/4".  
But more on that later.
Onto the side.  
Wrapped around the entire crown is a tea themed boarder cut from the Tea time boarder die.  The rich paper I cut it from is in the Provence 12x12 Collection pack, so many rich and detailed papers.  A strand of white (not after I painted them ;) plastic pearls also wraps around the crown.
Another Calla Lily, this time with simple leaves, not two toned, Brass Flatware spoon,  and a vintage velvet pansy (amber yellow) create the side focal point.  
There is one on each side of the crown.
Can't leave the back plain now can I?  
More Filigree painted with gold and seam binding roses adorn the back.
The stick pins I used I have coveted for years, this was the perfect project for them, alas they are no longer made.  But, don't despair, they are easy to make.  
You will need some head pins, like THESE, and a mix of pearl sizes (the cream pearl assortment is perfect for this).  
Thread those pearls on, put a dab of glossy accents between them and paint them.  
Voila your very own pearl stick pins, they won't look exactly like these, but they will be darn close.
I've spent most of this post focused on the large two toned leaves, but look here, you can make them itty bitty too!

Here is that Tutorial I keep speaking of
Now a bit more detail on the leaves and what size ribbons work best for what size flower.  All of the following images are in the video, but here they are for your staring pleasure.
All of these ribbons are available at Alpha Stamps and most of them are on the massive supply list.  
 1 1/2" Moss Green Satin Ribbon
 Top: 7/8" Satin Ribbon shown with the velvet pansy
Bottom:  Olive Crepe Ribbon shown with a seam binding rose made with a dine as the template.
 Top:  Variegated Silky Rayon ribbon
Bottom:  Seam Binding
The smallest flower in my collection of paper flowers that was not a bud.  We are talking pencil eraser size.
Thank you so much for stopping by.  
I hope you enjoyed your tea and my Tea Princess crown.  

Names of all the supplies I used from Alpha Stamps
Most of them can be found HERE
2-3/4" Wide Ivory Venice Lace
Brass Flatware*
Calla Lilies & Berries - Ivory
Cream Pearl Assortment
Crepe Ribbon - Olive
Large Bronze Fancy Filigree Set*
Lumiere Metallic Acrylic Paint - Metallic Gold*
Mini Bows Silicone Mold*
Moss Green 1-1/2 Inch Satin Ribbon
Moss Green 7/8 Inch Satin Ribbon
On the Boardwalk Seam Binding Set
Provence 12x12 Collection Pack
Provence French Country Kit - October 2015
Provence Seam Binding Set
Seam Binding - Art Nouveau Colors
Silicone Mold - Royal Icons
Silicone Mold - Small Flourishes*
Silicone Molds - Alphabet
Soft Taffeta Ribbons
Sweet Tea Collage Sheet
Tea Time Border Die
Teaparty Chipboard Die-Cut Set*
Variegated Silky Rayon Ribbons
Vintage Photo Distress Ink & Stain Set
Vintage Velvet Hydrangea Picks - Cream
Vintage Velvet Pansies - Amber Yellow
White Plastic Pearls (Strands)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Hidden Skeleton Haunted House with Tutorial

 September is all about Haunted Houses over at Alpha Stamps.  This months Haunted House Kit is filled with spectacular goodies to make your very own.
Y'all know I loves me some Halloween art!
 I went back to some of my old ways and favorite crafting tools, ICE Resin.  
HERE is an old tutorial on how I created the cut outs (windows and skeleton opening) and filled them with Resin.   
 The window features an image from the A Witchy Encore Collage Sheet.  She is backed with a bit of decorative paper so she shows pretty when looking from the other side.  Iridescent micro beads are sprinkled onto the surface of the resin to try to make the "glass" look older.

To create the window frame I added Textured Sand Paste to a Black Chipboard Window Frame.  Let that dry, meanwhile I made the window arch (not really an arch and alas using a sold out mold, sorry. Something from the Architectural Flourishes would work.) and then painted everything. 
 Now, my favorite bit, what could be spookier than a Skeleton hiding in your walls!?!
The same resin method was used for this cut out, except I added a bit of silver pearl ex powder.  
I used the smallest skeleton from the Skeleton Chipboard Set.  Painted him white, Picket Fence Distress paint, (boy that was stark, seriously who has a bleached skeleton in their walls?) so added some cream, then brushed on some Pumice stone distress paint, and peeled paint distress paint.  

I just wanted him to peek through so I covered the entire house with wood siding (Going for that creepy Victorian look).  I cut them out of a dark green piece of matte board (1/4" wide) then I brushed on a layer of cream and dusted them with Vintage Photo Distress Ink, To add a bit more aging along the edges/bottoms of the slats I swiped Vintage Photo Distress Stain along the edges and rubbed it in/around with my finger.  When I glued the prepared slats down I cut them and spread them out a little to expose the skeleton.
The attic window has a spider web image from the Black and White Halloween Boarders Transparency collage sheet.  The owl embellishment was created using the Birds and Butterflies Silicone Mold and for the window frame I used the Ornaments and Settings Silicone Mold.
This is what inspired the entire project!  I wanted to make this roof!  
So, if you're counting, I have 7 embellishments on this project using various molds.  I did not have weeks to wait for resin to dry or paper-clay to air, so I used hot glue.  Yep all those embellishments were done in a matter of minutes.  

Here is a tutorial on how easy this technique is and many uses for the embellishments.

To make the project stand, so I could put a candle behind it and light up the windows, I created a base to connect a dowel rod to and added two zombies.  They are filled with sand to act as counter weights because all that matte board and hot glue embellishments is a bit heavy.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
I hope you enjoyed the piece and that the tutorial was helpful.

For a complete list of all the wonderful Alpha Stamps supplies I used  go HERE.

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Odessa Grim's Spell Book

With a little help from the Alpha Stamps July Kit, Odessa Grim created her one of a kind super secret Book of Spells.
Odessa knows that Halloween/Magic Potions aren't for everyone.  This kit is chocked full of charms, some that are Halloween, but others that can be used for just about anything.
Odessa, being a good witch covered her book (a small hinged tin.) in Faux Suede Sheets.  The thought of covering it in human skin made her toes curl.  All spell books need to close so Odessa used a mix of alcohol inks (pitch black, gold and an assortment of browns) to mask the silver of the tin.  She did not water these paints down, used them at full strength, just drip them on.  She needed the full power that the deep color provided.

 To create the label Odessa used some of her specially tea died fabric (you know, the same fabric she weaves protective baby blankets out of) ironed it onto butchers paper and ran it through the printer (after all she is a modern Witch).  Witchcraft is not for everyone, so try these Colorfast Sew-In inkjet sheets if the home brewed formula isn't for you.  After printing your phrase cut it off and then add inks/dies to grunge it up.
Odessa cast an Extension Charm, yes, she learned it from Hermione, so that the inside of her book held more than just pages with spells.  She has shelves for her healing potions (Amber Resin potion bottles, green resin perfume bottles, tiny white turquoise skull beads) and even a place for her familiar, Venus, to hide in (complete supply list link provided at end of post).
Odessa's spell book folds out of the right side of the tin.  Pages and pages filled with celestial spells (Alchemical Spheres Collage Sheet) and healing potions.  
But her book couldn't just be simple pages, her pages fold out and down and are chocked full of little notes and splashed (Lindy's Stamp Gang Starburst sprays - Mermaid seashells) with spells she has created for the greater good.
It doesn't end there though, Odessa has an entire library hidden at the back of her spell book covering safe travel, how to uncover the truth, blessings for the home and many many more.

Odessa's go to store for all her witch-crafting necessities is Alpha Stamps and here is her complete supply list for this particular project.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out Odessa's Spell Book.  She will watch out for you and keep you from all evils.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Faux Mermaid Stained Glass Window

 This piece was inspired by the absolutely amazing sea glass now available at Alpha Stamps.  I used a bit from each color set Sea Glass Blue and White, Sea Glass Green and Yellow, Sea Glass Red and Brown. I mounted the glass on  piece of plexiglass using a 100% Silicone Sealant that I found in the shower section of the local hardware store.  That glass is on there!
 Here it is without the sun shining through.  The image I used is one of my all time favorites from the Caribbean Blue Mermaids Collage Sheet.  To make it into one solid image I cut pieces out of two separate images and slipped them together.
 Chipboard bits are one of my favorite things to work with and these were Sea themed (as you know anything Ocean related is one of my favorite things to create with).  The gold piece is the Large Coral Die-Cut chipboard.  The green bit is the Seaweed Stem die-cut chipboard, and the blue pieces are from the Small Coral Die-cut chipboard set.  I painted them using Lumiere paint - Metallic Gold.  I painted them on the Tim Holtz reusable non-stick craft sheet and left them on it to dry.  When I pulled them off paint had built up along many of the edges and in the holes so I can to cut it off with a matt knife, not fun.
 Originally I was going to put all of these bits into a solo shadow box tray, but then you wouldn't have been able to get the full effect of the sea glass.  I still wanted the compartment component the box offered.  To make them here I used the inside of matchboxes.
 The matchboxes are wrapped in the Unearth Copper Patina Scrapbook paper.  This is a two sided paper so I used both sides because they complimented themselves so well.  Inside the two boxes on the end (turned horizontal) is an image from the Vintage Mermaids Collage Sheet that I cut in half.  The bottom of the boxes are lines with micro pearls, a small amount of peachturquoise, and white were used but the majority of the beads are Aqua. In addition to those fabulous bits are the Cheetah Shell Mix and Tiny Real Seashells in a tin. The middle two boxes I kept simple with some stunning bronze charms. 1/2" Bronze starfish charm, Bronze Octopus Charm, and an antique Brass conch shell charm all of which I cut off the loops of.
 In order to hang the piece I drilled two small holes in areas that I left clear of sea glass.  Then I strung it with some of the ribbons from the Summer Silk Ribbon Set. Just a moment on these ribbons, they are luscious!  So vibrant!  I want every color they make.
The finishing touch, that I just couldn't resist, is the Large Bronze Mermaid Pendant Charm.
Thank you for stopping by my blog.  
This piece will be available in the Etsy shop when I return from vacation.
Have a wonderful day!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Circus Folio

 I have fallen in love with Tim Holtz's folio's!  I'm not a scrapbooker, but these folios are perfect for all those tickets, flyers and what nots one collects on a fun filled trip.
Many of the supplies I used can be found HERE.
To color the folio I took Tim Holtz's distressed paint pealed paint, spun sugar and broken china.  Doctored them up a bit and turned them into sprays.
There are tons of surfaces to cover on this thing which means you have plenty of space to tell your story or show all your trip bits.  
 On the inside flap I used images from the Carnival Scrapbook paper - slideshow and Big Top. My lovely lady is from the Tattooed ladies Collage Sheet. I finished it off with a fun saying stamped directly on and some stenciled stars from the punchinella stencil.
 When you open up the inside flaps you are provided with a ready made cascading paper section to affix just about anything you want to.  
I put a Tiny Brown Kraft Envelope on the inside of each flap to hold goodies. The lovely lady is mounted on a die cut from Tim Holtz Thinlits mini label die set.
 And now for the really fun part.  All the stuff that flips!  The envelope with the word Fly on it is from the Junque Gypsy paper pad set (I used a lot from this set). I just jazzed it up with the stamped word, an image from the Circus Performers #1 Collage Sheet, and some tickets.
 When you flip the pocket over this is the back.  I cut a number of the saying from the Gypsy Moments Poses and reflections paper and peppered them throughout the project. 
 The next layer is another cut out from the Junque paper.  This one is a little book, it opens to show ledger like paper.  On the outside I used a Tattooed lady, flowers, feathers and pearls to decorate it.
 Behind the book I have flying Aerialists, laughing clowns and a black envelope.  
 Flip to the next page and you get a fabulous Women Circus performer and a horse from the Tiny Circus Collage Sheet.
 And for the final page a clown or two with an image surrounded by a Tiny Embossed Gold Dresden Boarder.
And because I couldn't leave the back blank after all that I used an image from the Junque Gypsy paper.  

Thanks so much for looking!  
This piece will be one sale in my Etsy shop when I return from vacation.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Getting my Mojo Back

I decided last year that I would start a journal and I follow Journal 52.  Well, at the end of last year I got caught on a prompt and hated what I did.  It stared at me for months.  I was prepping a canvas and had some left over gesso so I covered up the ugly and started fresh.  

This is what I came up with.  I wasn't following a theme just trying to get back to journaling.  
Layer 1: Hand written tea related words
Layer 2: Tea stained (yep I brewed and stained)
Layer 3: Splattered white paint
Layer 4: Decorative paper to form tea cups
Layer 5: Lace and tea boarder
Layer 6: Swirl stencil with molding paste painted with sparkling H2O's
Layer 7: Distress Stickles Rock Candy  (on the teacups)

I've done two other pages since finishing this one.  I'd say I have my journaling mojo back.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Travel Accordion Book

 This year is the 100th Anniversary of the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition and Alpha Stamps is Celebrating!
 There is just something about postcards that scream, historical fun events, to me.  So to help celebrate this event with Alpha Stamps I've created some postcards highlighting events from the Exposition.  When I was done making the postcards I felt like I hadn't done enough.  I've been itching to make a book accordion file so voila, the perfect way to store postcards!  
 The size/shape of the book was very important.  It needed to not be very thick and it also needed to be larger.  Mine measures 8 1/2 "long, 5 3/4" wide and 1" deep when it is closed.  
 The outside is decorated with papers from the Tim Holtz Destinations pack. The woman image is from the Travel Reading Collage Sheet.  The extra bits are some 2mm and 3 mm Brass Flat-Back Studs, Mini Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (which I wrapped around in case the accordion gets full),  and gold zig zag dresden boarders.
 I'm going to do a tutorial on how I made the accordion portion of the book.  I got the basics from Wings of Whimsy but ran into a few issues and have some tips.  
 Now onto the events postcards!
The store with Uncle Sam (at least that is who I thought he was) coming out the top is a watch store.  So I ran with that.  I used images from the Fun photos from the Fair Collage SheetFun Vintage Pics Collage sheet, The 4th of July Collage Sheet and Tiny Vintage Letters and Postage Collage Sheet. Some of the other goodies I used were from the Tim Holtz Destinations paper pack, dazzles silver thin line stickers and tiny star sequins (all available at Alpha Stamps).
 For my second postcard I used a lot of the same things as I did on the Watch Postcard.  I pulled extra images from the Tiny Vintage Scrapbook Collage Sheet.  The letters/ numbers that are supposed to look like typewriter keys came from the Star Crossed paper pack. I also used some postmark paper tape along the bottom and my favorite, Liquid pearls in platinum
The folder and postcards are available to purchase together in my Etsy Shop.

Thanks so much for stopping by.  I hope you enjoyed.  Stay tuned for the tutorial.