Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Journal Entries and Sad News

 Hey Gang, the Circle of Friends has finished up another journal round.  These are two of my entries into separate journals.
 Andrea's Journal was entitled "Queen" and I took a rather broad interpretation of it making up my own story of the Princess Frog.
 Sandi's journal was postcard size entries with the theme "Live, Love, Laugh" and required the use of acrylic paint.  I really love the way this one turned out.  Not my usual style but so fun and happy.
Now onto the not so happy news.

You will be seeing less of me from now on.  I have terrible vision that has up until now been corrected with glasses.  But now it has gotten worse and crafting, reading, and being on the computer all strain my eyes.  I of course am still creating but at a much slower pace.  I plan on blogging everything but it is my lowest priority and of course I am still doing tutorials.  

So long story short, there will not be as many blog posts from me but I am still blogging and love all of you that have supported me over the years.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Travel Album

 This month Alpha Stamps theme is Vintage Voyage!
 Who doesn't love vintage things and going on trips?  So you can imagine how much fun I had with this one.
I decided to do a Summer Vacation Memory Book for three friends Betty Lou, Susan and Mom.
They of course had to have tickets.
And what better way to keep them than in this cute little ATC sized envelope.   
 Their journey starts out on a yacht.
 Which takes them to a beach.
 A fun little envelope holds a tag with information about their sea voyage.
 They spend a few days flirting in Sea Bright N.J.

 Then it's off to Paris.
 A fun little envelope holds postcards that they sent to friends and family.

The entire book is 7 pages long front and back and is ATC sized.  

This piece is available in my shop  Mini Travel Guide