Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Read Along ~ Part 3 Winner and a Bit of Fun

Hello most fabulous Read Alongers.  Today is a bitter sweet post, I am so pleased with how this read along turned out but at the same time I am sad to see it end.  I think we had some great discussions this round and I am pleased to hear that many of you enjoyed the book. 

Thank you all that answered the bonus question last week.  I have placed a poll in the Left sidebar of my blog at the top.  It will stay open throughout February to see if I can drum up more interest and get some more input.  Right now most of you would like the Young Adult sci/fi Fantasy and I've got one picked out. 

Please tell all your friends.  The more people that participate in this the more likely I am to continue.  I do enjoy it, but it is also quite a bit of work. 

*     *     *

Okay onto the winner of last weeks prise. 
A PBS credit OR $5.00 Amazon Gift Certificate OR the handmade Tote bag pictured below. 

The Winner is

Please e-mail me at cmoh@earthlink.net and let me know what prize you would like. 

Didn't win, well I have another tote in my Etsy shop, different design, It's French inspired.  Remember items in my Etsy store are on sale to all Read Along participants, use coupon code MermaidRA.  Sale ends Feb 17th.

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Now for a bit of fun.  Guess what I found out!?!  Mermaid is going to be a Movie!  HERE is what Carolyn has to say about this. 

I have a web site that I really enjoy.  It is called Storycasting and the entire premise behind it is to cast books.  I asked them to add Mermaid to their database but I didn't ask in time :(  so it's not available today but maybe sometime in the future.  But I have decided to cast it anyway. 

Here is my dream Cast, what do you think?  Who would you cast?



Scarlett Johansson
(imagine her with long wavy vixen red hair)
Believe it or not I actually thought about Lindsey Lohan for this role I like her look but not her acting.


Well, that's my cast. 

I have had a great time this read along, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did and I'm looking forward to the next one. 

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon, Part 3 Chapters 17-End

Welcome to the final week of this Read Along.  I'm so glad you are back or joining us for the first time. 

A quick recap as to how this all works, answer the questions below, for each correct response I will enter your name for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (a handmade item, a PBS Credit or a $5 Gift certificate from Amazon). You have until Monday January 30th to answer this set of questions. 
Leave your answers in a comment with a way for me to get in touch with you.
This weeks Handmade prize is a big one! 
This one of a kind, hand died, stamped, painted and ruffled tote.  I embellished it with pearls and the ruffle is also hand died.  The mermaid and fish are hand painted with a lovely shimmery paint.

1.  What is unusual about Lenia's pregnancy?
2.  What book is Margarethe reading when Christopher comes to talk to her?
3.  Who does Lenia think she sees in Agnes when she is trying to explain that she needs to have the baby early?
4.  What do they name the baby?  Who is she named after?
5.  What price did the sisters have to pay to find out how to save Lenia?

Bonus:  If I do another read along what type of book would you like?  Historical Fiction, Contemporary Fiction or a Young Adult Science Fiction/ Fantasy (for answering this question you get an extra name in the drawing for this weeks prize)

Discussion (2 and 3 taken from the readers guide at the back of my copy of Mermaid):
1.  Do you think the price the sisters had to pay to get the knowledge needed to save Lenia was sufficient?  What do you think of the price Lenia had to pay?  How much would you pay for a chance at true love?
2.  What do you think of retelling of Fairy Tales?  Why do you think they are so popular?  Do you think there is any special power in taking a known story and envisioning it in a new way? 
3.  Mermaids are an incredibly popular subject in many cultures.  What do you think accounts for there appeal?  What makes mermaids such a rich subject for the imagination?  Can you think of other books in which mermaids play an important role?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid Part 2 Winner and a Bit of Fun

Hello Fabulous Read Alongers!  I am so pleased with this weeks turn out and the discussion was so much fun.  Once again thank you all for participating and making this fun and worthwhile.

I would like to revisit Jenny's Question about where the book is set. 

Most of you were in agreement that it was not pivotal to the book but that you pictured it as being in England.  I found this interesting and wonder if since we don't have a King or Queen if we, Americans, just reach for England as our basis for a country ruled by a King or Queen. 

Well, I had a long time to ponder this while waiting (without a book) and it struck me that why can't it be set in the US?  After all Turgeon uses the titles North and South and the two countries/area's are at war.  I started to think, hey this could be a loss reference to the civil war. Plus the climate reference kind of fit, the North being typically much cooler than the South.  Oh well, just mussing. 

Great Question Jenny!  Thanks for asking.

*     *     *

Okay now I know you are all dying to know who is the winner of the prize
(1 PBS Credit, OR $5 gift certificate to Amazon OR a handmade item) 

The Winner is


Congratulations, please let me know which prize you would like. 

If you didn't win, keep trying there is always next week, and would like some of my handmade glittered Clothespin Magnets please visit my Etsy store GlitterTart and use coupon code MermaidRA for a 10% discount.  Please note, this coupon is only good for participating Read Alongers.

Now, just for fun, I have put together a Treasury Listing, Mermaid Inspired, on Etsy of things I found that made me think of the book.  Please come take a look at the wonderful handmade and vintage items being offered by various sellers (I do not know any of them personally I just liked these items).

Okay Gang, I will catch you tomorrow, off to get some photo's taken of the last handmade prize for this read along.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon, Part 2 Chapters 9-16

Welcome to week 2 of my Read Along, I am so glad you are back or joining us. 

A quick recap as to how this all works, answer the questions below, for each correct response I will enter your name for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (a handmade item, a PBS Credit or a $5 Gift certificate from Amazon). You have until Monday January 23rd to answer this set of questions. 
Leave your answers in a comment with a way for me to get in touch with you.
This week for the handmade prize I have a set of 6 of my Glittered clothespin magnets the colors were inspired by the book cover.  To go along with that I have a copy of one of Carolyn's other books "Godmother The Secret Cinderella Story" and a German fantasy postcard circa 1918 called "Temptation"
1.  What was Gregor's Mermaid experience?
2.  What is Margarethe's plan to stop the war?
3.  What name does Prince Christopher choose for Lenia and why?
4.  What does Lenia's life line look like and who reads her palm?  What is special about her?
5.  How did the southern King tell his son about the marriage to Margarethe and how did Christopher react?
Bonus:  What did Lenia do with the necklace her sisters gave her from the Prince's Shipwreck?
1.  Last week Jenny asked "where do you think the book is set? I.e. what are the north and south kingdoms, or are they completely factious? At first, I thought the setting was Scotland (north) and England (south), based on physical descriptions and history of rivalry, plus the islands Christopher was looking for could easily be the Shetland Islands or Scandinavian ones. As I read further along, I don't think it's really important to the story, but I was curious to see if anyone else pondered this."
2. When Gregor told Margarethe about his mermaid experience did you have a moment where you thought he maybe talking about Sybil?  Do you think this was the authors intent?
3.  What is your opinion of Prince Christopher at this point?  Do you think he took advantage of Linea or do you feel like much of this is her fault because of her decision to become something she is not?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid Part 1 Winner and a bit of fun

Hello Wonderful Read Alongers, I think the first section was so much fun!  I am utterly intrigued with one of the discussion questions I asked and learned so much that now I look at the book totally differently. 

I would like to share some of the discussion here.  The Question that was so great was
2. Do you find Carolyn's selection of the name Christopher significant?
Andrea pointed out that St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

And Nerd Up Said " I loved how the author referenced the Odyssey as his vocal intro it was a really quick way to give him a great personality and now knowing that Christopher is the patron saint of Travelers that really fits his reference to the Odyssey!" 

I love this take on it, it was a very fast and successful way of giving Christopher a personality.  It's just amazing how much and how many different ways a name can be viewed. 

Okay now I know you are all dying to know who is the winner of the prize (1 PBS Credit, OR $5 gift certicifate to Amazon OR a handmade item)

The Winner is

Sandi with an i

Congratulations, please let me know which item you would like and I will get it off to you ASAP

Now, Just for fun. I have a Pinterest Account and am totally addicted. I put together a special board just for this book of all the things that I've found over the past few weeks that remind me of this book. So HERE it is, hope you enjoy perusing it.

On a side note, I may be a bit behind getting up tomorrows questions, my youngest is sick :(

Looking forward to seeing you next week!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Read Along Mermaid by Carolyn Turgeon, Part 1 Chapter 1-8

Welcome to my Second Read Along, I'm so glad you are joining me. 

Here is how it works, answer the questions below, for each correct response I will enter your name for a chance to win 1 of 3 prizes (a handmade item, a PBS Credit or a $5 Gift certificate from Amazon).  You have until Monday January 16th to answer this set of questions. 

Leave your answers in a comment with a way for me to get in touch with you.

Today for the handmade prize I have created an ornament featuring Margrethe's desire for Rapture and Lenia's for a Soul. 

1.  What does Margarethe consider Rapture
2.  Besides the obvious (legs/tail) what is the major difference between Humans and Mermaids?
3.  What combination of things does Lenia think feels like a soul?
4.  According to Lenia why are humans and mermaids separate?
5.  What are the conditions of Lenia's wish? 

What is Sybil's most striking Feature? 

1.  Prince Christopher says he was attached by a dragon, do you think he lied?  If so why. 
2.  Do you find Carolyn's selection of the name Christopher significant? 
3.  How do you picture the mermaids at this point?

I hope you are enjoying the book, please feel free to leave any type of comment about the book (so if you don't like it please let us know and let us know why).  I'm looking forward to your answers and this discussion.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Naughty Valentine Tin Tutorial, Cupid's Captives

This past weekend Alpha Stamps announced their next swap, a Naughty Valentines Tin Swap and I'm hosting!  You can read all about it HERE

So to get your juices flowing I thought I would offer a Tutorial on my Cupid's Captives tin, so sit back, relax and let inspiration strike.

Jewelers Tin
 Collage images
Decorative paper
Glue (fast drying, E6000, Glossy effects, and hot glue)
Ephemeral (butterfly, beads)
Acrylic Paint
 colored pencils
Double sided tape

Step 1:  Measure and Cut image

Select your image, I used Cupid's captives from the Lovers collage sheet available at Alpha Stamps

Use the tin top as a guide, trace around the image (make sure not to cut into the words or the fairy at the bottom of the image, I use those later).

Cut just inside of your pencil marks. 

Step 2: Measure and cut side coverings 

Select the paper you would like to use to cover the inside and outside edges.  I used a dark brown sheet from the Glitz Pretty in Pink paper pack available at Alpha Stamps.

Measure the width of the inside sides, make it slightly larger since the lid is elevated a bit.  I went with 3/4 of an inch. 

Measure the circumference of the tin and cut your strips. 

I went ahead and cut my strips for the outside walls at the same time (they were slightly larger 7/8) so I cut 2 strips of 3/4 width and 2 strips of 7/8 width. 

Step 3:  Glue

Spread glue on the inside of the tin, then fit in the collage image.  If it is slightly larger or smaller that's fine just make sure you get it in flat.  Pressing down all over. 

Next fit in the side paper, I put the glue on the paper this time, just remember that part of the paper will stick out of the tin so leave the top edge glue free.

The paper I selected was slightly shorter than the circumference, that's fine, work the first paper in and get it flat against the walls, this takes a little bit of work just be patient with it.

Now cut off a bit from the extra strip and work it into the open spot.

Step 4:  Glitter the inside

You want to do this step now because if you do it before you glue the image into the tin (step 3) you will have to wait for the glitter to dry before you can do any of the assembly. 

Step 5:  Prepair the branch

I got my branch/twig from my backyard.

Decide where you want the branch to lye in the tin.

Trim the branch with a pair of scissors you don't care about or use a Matt knife. 

Fit the branch back into the tin, be very careful not to drop it onto the wet glitter, to test the size and placement.  If you are happy with it attach your butterfly.  I got mine from Alpha Stamps, the Mixed Metal Butterflies.

Set your twig aside to dry along with your tin. 

Step 6: Paint tin top trim

This step is not necessary but I didn't want a harsh silver to show through my glitter when the tin is all done so I brushed it with a mossy green acrylic paint.

If you get some on the glass wipe it off quickly.

Step 7: Stamp, color and Glitter Images

I used Alpha Stamps 4 Cherubs Rubber Stamp Set and the Small Ribbon Banner Rubber Stamp available from Alpha Stamps.

Before you start coloring the banner cut out the words from the Collage Image and attach them.  Then color the banner.

Dot some glitter onto the image.

And wipe it with your finger.

I colored the cherubs and added glitter to their wings and set everything aside.

Step 8: Prepair tin top fairy

Now cut out the miniature fairy at the bottom of the collage sheet.

Coat her lightly with Glossy accents or some other clear drying glue and attach her to the lid.

Step 9:  Affix the branch and moss on the inside of the tin

Fit your branch into the tin.

Drop some hot glue where the branch hits the walls of the tin, it's okay if it is a large blob it will get covered with moss.  Just make sure the branch is secure. 

Now start working in the moss, put the hot glue in small areas and very carefully (don't burn yourself) fit the moss in and around the tin.  Once it's all in cut back any moss that is obscuring the collage image and make sure the lid will close.

Step 10:  Affix beads

Place the decorative beads where you feel they look best.  I used the Pink crackle Beads from Alpha Stamps.

Step 11: Cut out stamped images and do a bit more coloring

Cut out your cherubs make sure to leave a long portion to attach them to the tin as shown. 

Fold the cupid, making it into an L shape.  Color the portion on the front that is white, green.

Color the back of the cupid also, you want them to look nice from all sides.

Step 12:  Glue lid onto tin

Using a fast drying glue, put a line all the way around the tin and work the lid on.  Hold it until the lid is secure or put a weight on the top and take a small break, get a drink or better yet some chocolate!

Step 13: Affix Cupids

Space out the cupids until you like the look, remember you still have the banner to add also.

Using double sided tape affix the Cupids to the tin.

Step 14:  Affix the Decorative Paper

Grab the strips you cut way back in step 2 and glue them onto the outside of the tin just like you did on the inside of the tin.

Step 15:  Glitter the lid

Add glitter all around the outside edge of the tin and make sure to cover up any paper bits that didn't get glued flat.

Now walk off for a bit, get a cup of coffee, check your e-mail and let the tin have time to dry.

Step 16:  Attach the moss 

Following the same process as you did on the inside of the tin, glue small portions and work the moss on carefully.

Neaten up the moss

Step 17:  Cut out and attach the banner and add final details

Whew!  All done!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I look forward to swapping with you!