Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mermaid Read Along ~ 1 week from Today!

One week From Today (January 11th) marks the start of my Second Read Along.  I hope you are joining me! 

This is a fun book, and even if you don't like the book it is a fun activity.  Where else can you chat about a book, get a chance to win prizes (some handmade by me) and get introduced to other books and new people across the world?

Here is a quick recap of the Proposed Schedule

Jan 11th Part 1 (Chapters 1-8) Questions Posted
Jan 16th Part 1 Answers Due
Jan 17th Part 1 Winner Announced
Jan 18th Part 2 (Chapters 9-16) Questions Posted
Jan 23rd Part 2 Answers Due
Jan 24th Part 2 Winner Announced
Jan 25th Part 3 (Chapters 17-End) Questions Posted
Jan 30th Part 3 Answers Due
Jan 31st Part 3 Winner Announced the proposed schedule

Please note, that if you don't have the book already you still have plenty of time to get it (there is a copy at my local library and 3 at the local used book store so check those resources) and read the first part and even if you don't make the first set of questions you can always join in on the second and third.  My handmade prizes get better (in my opinion) the further into the Read Along that we get. 

Fell free to invite all your reading (and none reading) friends.  I look forward to next week!  Off to work on the prizes!

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