Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid Part 2 Winner and a Bit of Fun

Hello Fabulous Read Alongers!  I am so pleased with this weeks turn out and the discussion was so much fun.  Once again thank you all for participating and making this fun and worthwhile.

I would like to revisit Jenny's Question about where the book is set. 

Most of you were in agreement that it was not pivotal to the book but that you pictured it as being in England.  I found this interesting and wonder if since we don't have a King or Queen if we, Americans, just reach for England as our basis for a country ruled by a King or Queen. 

Well, I had a long time to ponder this while waiting (without a book) and it struck me that why can't it be set in the US?  After all Turgeon uses the titles North and South and the two countries/area's are at war.  I started to think, hey this could be a loss reference to the civil war. Plus the climate reference kind of fit, the North being typically much cooler than the South.  Oh well, just mussing. 

Great Question Jenny!  Thanks for asking.

*     *     *

Okay now I know you are all dying to know who is the winner of the prize
(1 PBS Credit, OR $5 gift certificate to Amazon OR a handmade item) 

The Winner is


Congratulations, please let me know which prize you would like. 

If you didn't win, keep trying there is always next week, and would like some of my handmade glittered Clothespin Magnets please visit my Etsy store GlitterTart and use coupon code MermaidRA for a 10% discount.  Please note, this coupon is only good for participating Read Alongers.

Now, just for fun, I have put together a Treasury Listing, Mermaid Inspired, on Etsy of things I found that made me think of the book.  Please come take a look at the wonderful handmade and vintage items being offered by various sellers (I do not know any of them personally I just liked these items).

Okay Gang, I will catch you tomorrow, off to get some photo's taken of the last handmade prize for this read along.  

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Andrea said...

I Won! I Won! I'm so excited and I've known from the start what I'd chose- your handmade item without question. Thank you so much. Hugs