Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Naughty Valentine Tin Tutorial, Cupid's Captives

This past weekend Alpha Stamps announced their next swap, a Naughty Valentines Tin Swap and I'm hosting!  You can read all about it HERE

So to get your juices flowing I thought I would offer a Tutorial on my Cupid's Captives tin, so sit back, relax and let inspiration strike.

Jewelers Tin
 Collage images
Decorative paper
Glue (fast drying, E6000, Glossy effects, and hot glue)
Ephemeral (butterfly, beads)
Acrylic Paint
 colored pencils
Double sided tape

Step 1:  Measure and Cut image

Select your image, I used Cupid's captives from the Lovers collage sheet available at Alpha Stamps

Use the tin top as a guide, trace around the image (make sure not to cut into the words or the fairy at the bottom of the image, I use those later).

Cut just inside of your pencil marks. 

Step 2: Measure and cut side coverings 

Select the paper you would like to use to cover the inside and outside edges.  I used a dark brown sheet from the Glitz Pretty in Pink paper pack available at Alpha Stamps.

Measure the width of the inside sides, make it slightly larger since the lid is elevated a bit.  I went with 3/4 of an inch. 

Measure the circumference of the tin and cut your strips. 

I went ahead and cut my strips for the outside walls at the same time (they were slightly larger 7/8) so I cut 2 strips of 3/4 width and 2 strips of 7/8 width. 

Step 3:  Glue

Spread glue on the inside of the tin, then fit in the collage image.  If it is slightly larger or smaller that's fine just make sure you get it in flat.  Pressing down all over. 

Next fit in the side paper, I put the glue on the paper this time, just remember that part of the paper will stick out of the tin so leave the top edge glue free.

The paper I selected was slightly shorter than the circumference, that's fine, work the first paper in and get it flat against the walls, this takes a little bit of work just be patient with it.

Now cut off a bit from the extra strip and work it into the open spot.

Step 4:  Glitter the inside

You want to do this step now because if you do it before you glue the image into the tin (step 3) you will have to wait for the glitter to dry before you can do any of the assembly. 

Step 5:  Prepair the branch

I got my branch/twig from my backyard.

Decide where you want the branch to lye in the tin.

Trim the branch with a pair of scissors you don't care about or use a Matt knife. 

Fit the branch back into the tin, be very careful not to drop it onto the wet glitter, to test the size and placement.  If you are happy with it attach your butterfly.  I got mine from Alpha Stamps, the Mixed Metal Butterflies.

Set your twig aside to dry along with your tin. 

Step 6: Paint tin top trim

This step is not necessary but I didn't want a harsh silver to show through my glitter when the tin is all done so I brushed it with a mossy green acrylic paint.

If you get some on the glass wipe it off quickly.

Step 7: Stamp, color and Glitter Images

I used Alpha Stamps 4 Cherubs Rubber Stamp Set and the Small Ribbon Banner Rubber Stamp available from Alpha Stamps.

Before you start coloring the banner cut out the words from the Collage Image and attach them.  Then color the banner.

Dot some glitter onto the image.

And wipe it with your finger.

I colored the cherubs and added glitter to their wings and set everything aside.

Step 8: Prepair tin top fairy

Now cut out the miniature fairy at the bottom of the collage sheet.

Coat her lightly with Glossy accents or some other clear drying glue and attach her to the lid.

Step 9:  Affix the branch and moss on the inside of the tin

Fit your branch into the tin.

Drop some hot glue where the branch hits the walls of the tin, it's okay if it is a large blob it will get covered with moss.  Just make sure the branch is secure. 

Now start working in the moss, put the hot glue in small areas and very carefully (don't burn yourself) fit the moss in and around the tin.  Once it's all in cut back any moss that is obscuring the collage image and make sure the lid will close.

Step 10:  Affix beads

Place the decorative beads where you feel they look best.  I used the Pink crackle Beads from Alpha Stamps.

Step 11: Cut out stamped images and do a bit more coloring

Cut out your cherubs make sure to leave a long portion to attach them to the tin as shown. 

Fold the cupid, making it into an L shape.  Color the portion on the front that is white, green.

Color the back of the cupid also, you want them to look nice from all sides.

Step 12:  Glue lid onto tin

Using a fast drying glue, put a line all the way around the tin and work the lid on.  Hold it until the lid is secure or put a weight on the top and take a small break, get a drink or better yet some chocolate!

Step 13: Affix Cupids

Space out the cupids until you like the look, remember you still have the banner to add also.

Using double sided tape affix the Cupids to the tin.

Step 14:  Affix the Decorative Paper

Grab the strips you cut way back in step 2 and glue them onto the outside of the tin just like you did on the inside of the tin.

Step 15:  Glitter the lid

Add glitter all around the outside edge of the tin and make sure to cover up any paper bits that didn't get glued flat.

Now walk off for a bit, get a cup of coffee, check your e-mail and let the tin have time to dry.

Step 16:  Attach the moss 

Following the same process as you did on the inside of the tin, glue small portions and work the moss on carefully.

Neaten up the moss

Step 17:  Cut out and attach the banner and add final details

Whew!  All done!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and I look forward to swapping with you!


Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

How pretty. This post is getting me excited about Valentine's Day!

Pretty Ragged Threads said...

Just found your blog. Thanks for the tutorial on the tin. It is really pretty.
Hugs Jackie

Tarnished Rose said...

Thank you for the tutorial.

Beautiful tin. I hope mine are 1/8 as good as yours!


missmacymay said...

What an adorably sweet little thing you have made. I know anyone who gets it will just love it. Thanks for the tutorial.

PaisleyPeacock said...

really cute...love it

Ally White Cat said...

Wow awesome art Caroline.My stuff should arrive this week ..looking forward to the swap.


now back to the book i am behind.lol

LynnF said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your process for putting it together...it's a little showpiece!

Lenna Young Andrews said...

caroline, your tin is so creative, i love it!

Sandi said...

Great tutorial for one sweet project! Hopped over from Alpha Stamps and newest follower...looking forward to seeing more :)

Jennifer said...

Thanks for sharing! I've always wanted to make a dimensional tin but have always been intimidated. Thank you for breaking it down step-by-step. I now feel confident I can make one. :)

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your tin and the tutorial is fantastic! I have a question. Where do you get the "moss" from. Is it something LSS's would sell? Thanks for sharing :)