Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Read Along ~ Mermaid Part 1 Winner and a bit of fun

Hello Wonderful Read Alongers, I think the first section was so much fun!  I am utterly intrigued with one of the discussion questions I asked and learned so much that now I look at the book totally differently. 

I would like to share some of the discussion here.  The Question that was so great was
2. Do you find Carolyn's selection of the name Christopher significant?
Andrea pointed out that St. Christopher is the patron saint of travelers.

And Nerd Up Said " I loved how the author referenced the Odyssey as his vocal intro it was a really quick way to give him a great personality and now knowing that Christopher is the patron saint of Travelers that really fits his reference to the Odyssey!" 

I love this take on it, it was a very fast and successful way of giving Christopher a personality.  It's just amazing how much and how many different ways a name can be viewed. 

Okay now I know you are all dying to know who is the winner of the prize (1 PBS Credit, OR $5 gift certicifate to Amazon OR a handmade item)

The Winner is

Sandi with an i

Congratulations, please let me know which item you would like and I will get it off to you ASAP

Now, Just for fun. I have a Pinterest Account and am totally addicted. I put together a special board just for this book of all the things that I've found over the past few weeks that remind me of this book. So HERE it is, hope you enjoy perusing it.

On a side note, I may be a bit behind getting up tomorrows questions, my youngest is sick :(

Looking forward to seeing you next week!


Ally White Cat said...

This is a wonderful project caroline. I have been reading this book and just caught up with you last night. so descriptive..a wonderful author.

moocows53 said...

I am really enjoying this book! Definitely not my normal reading material but enjoying it nonetheless! Thanks for choosing it Caro!

Congrats Sandi!

Anonymous said...

Woops missed the questions...I need a calendar! Hope youngest feels better soon.

Anonymous said...

YAHOO! I am catching up and saw that I won. The clothespins sound intriguing and your handmade items are always a treat so that would be my pick! Thanks!