Sunday, June 29, 2008

Siren's Song

Over at Gothic Arches the theme is

Our hostess this week is Caryl Hoobler who created this beautiful Gothic arch using the theme “Mermaids” which she selected. What do you think of with this theme? Sea maidens? Sirens? Merpeople or Merfolk? Whatever the vision may be we wish to see it here in Gothic form!

A bit about our hostess:
I love the freedom of mixed media art and I love the tiny canvas of a Gothic Arch. I tend to throw unexpected elements into my pieces, but there is a thought process behind what items I use in a piece. I tend to draw upon life experiences when creating and look for items that may bring back a certain memory from any given time or place. I’ve chosen Mermaids as the theme this week as Mermaids are so magical and can live in wildly colorful settings! I can’t wait to see where your Mermaids live!

You may see more of Caryl’s beautiful work on her blog:

I don't feel like my Arch is done...I just don't know what else to do, any suggestions???

Hope you enjoy and be sure to check out the newest Challenge Site One Powerful Hour


Friday, June 27, 2008

My Soul Lies in the Sun

Over at 4 x 4 Friday the challenge is

This weeks challenge is Orange and Yellow!

Yellow is one of my favorite colors to see, not to work with, but I gave it a go and I am semi pleased with my piece. The face of the sun is covered with Diamond glaze as are some of the rays.

I hope you enjoy my piece.

Also if you get a chance head over and check out my new Challenge site which started yesterday. One Powerful Hour. I'd love to see your work!

Rubber Hugs

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sleeping Beauty Castle Swap

Well everyone, here are the Sleeping Beauty castles that have had my panties in a wad for days. I finally decided that the reason I was having so much trouble making these is because I adore the story of Sleeping Beauty and subconsciously I was worried that I was not doing the beauty of the story justice....I'll let ya'll be the judge. So, to recap...Alpha Stamps yahoo group is doing a Castle swap. We started with Cinderella and then moved onto Sleeping Beauty. Make sure you check back sometime next month to see what fabulous pieces I get in return. The First Castle I call "Awaken" the paper is made using a floral stamp and then I covered it with chalk and spritzed it with a shimmery gold. On top of that I placed a window I colored with the Alpha Stamp image. Then I layered a home made transparency...the last three paragraphs of the story and finished it all off with the fabulous vine ribbon, also from Alpha Stamps. I was really not happy with this one until I put the transparency over it... I think this is my favorite, "My Prince" ...and it only took me three days to cut out all the rose vines LOL... The rose vines are painted with sparkeling H2O's so they shimmer...The background paper I made by taking various inks and rubbing them directly on to the paper. Then I stamped bricks. Everything on this castle is flat..believe it or not. The ruins hiding on the bottom of the castle behind the rose vines are also cut from the same paper that I made for the background. This castle I call "Shhhh" is a take on a card that I did for a friend of mine a few months ago. I used an intricate stamp from Stamp Out Cute that is all lines...really intriguing. I cut some of the lines out and intertwined two of the stamped images together to make one side of the gate. The paper it is stamped on is made from Sparkeling H2O's I rubbed various shades all over the paper until it was completely is really a neat effect. The roses are stamped on various shades of red paper I think I had to cut close to 50 mini roses... I attached the gates using brads and keep them closed with the lovely brass colored leaves that I got from Alpha Stamps also...the leaves are intertwined so it is easy to open. I'm not a huge fan of the fact that all I did with the image is glue it down...but I thought it was so pretty as is that I could not improve on it. I hope that what I did is took me two days... And this one "Touch It" has been bothering me since I made it. There is just something missing and I don't know what or how to fix I am not going to. There is a lot of intricate work on it and I hope that whoever receives it can appreciate that, even though there is no stamping. I took about 5 different colors of yarn and threaded them through the castle. To hide all the holes I covered them with green glitter. Once again I loved the image so much I didn't want to do anything to it, I just wanted to feature it. I hope that whoever receives these enjoys them. I am not as pleased with them as I was with my Cinderella Castles but that is the way it goes. Hope you enjoy looking and as always I am open to any and all comments. Hugs Caro

New Challenge Site

Hey all...I have started a challenge site and I would love it if you would join me. The first challenge went up today and it is an open theme...
So please stop by One Powerful Hour and join in the fun

A Tootsie Roll Halloween

Today over at Theme Thursday the challenge is....

This week’s theme is “favorite holiday”! Use your favorite holiday theme in your creation this week! Use collage images, photos, rubber stamps, fancy paper , embellishments or any other art supply to give your creation a ”favorite holiday” look. Add your art to your blog, then post a direct link under the comments! Please include a link to Theme Thursday on your blog! Have fun and make art!

Here is how I created this collage...

Tape Tootsie Roll wrappers into a long strand, cut off edges. Weave together with orange paper to form background.

Stamp Women (Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers) on white paper with black ink color with colored pencils. Embellish one woman with pink glitter, dove grey flocking and white ribbon. For second woman cut out a black felt piece as the dress, embellish with red ribbon and red jewels attach devils tail using a black pipe cleaner. Emboss wings (Stampers Anonymous) with kaleidoscope powder on white paper. Paint using Silver Bells Radiant Pearls, embellish with Dove grey flocking, trim closely and attach to woman.

Emboss Decorative Leaves (Hero Arts) with various autumn shades and paint with watercolors in similar hues, trim closely.

Paint fencing with white acrylic paint and dust with browns and green inks.

Attach Tootsie Roll background to black card. Mount Women, Decorative Leaves and fence to card. Cut circle out of yellow paper, using slightly darker shade of yellow stamp Sleepy Moon (Rubber Stampede). Mount in corner. Attach Words using a combination of stickers, tin letters and mini blank circles dusted with inks and stamped with letters (A B Seas).

Hope you enjoy! And as always I am open to any and all types of comments.
Rubber Hugs

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fun In the Sun

Over At Wednesday Stamper the theme is

I know that Summer is here with a vengeance in the Northern Hemisphere and I hope it is an enjoyable time for all. Let us see your SUNSHINE related submissions this week.

I am diligently trying to get my next set of Castles ready for Alpha Stamp so this crown is not a new piece. Some of you may recognize it as it was published a few months ago in Stampers Sampler.

Hope you enjoy...and that you are the Queen of your Sunny Day!
Rubber Hugs

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red/Pink ATC

Lenna introduced me to a new swap site. Swap-Bot. I'm not sure that this is the place for me but i thought I would give it a try and signed up for my first swap a 2 for 2 Red/Pink ATC.

A few months ago with the COF we did a monochrome swap. The ATC on the left is very similar to the Gothic Arch that I made for that swap. If you go to the link for the Monochrome swap it tells ya how I made the paper and where I got the image from.

The ATC on the Right "Sew Red" did not scan/photo well. The background is a solid red that I red embossed some swirls on. the dress I stamped on Red fabric and then mounted it on felt to give it some depth. I did sew it onto the ATC.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mystery Tag Swap

Where to begin...

Well, the Circle of Friends have done it again. This time (May) A.L. hosted and she came up with the idea of a Mystery Tag. The Mystery was a stamp from 100 Proff Press, she gave each of us one to keep! and to make our tag with. The tags could be any size and boy did these ladies come up with some fabulous Tags.

Okay starting with N.P's

you can see more of N.P's work HERE

Her Mystery stamp is the bird featured in the center of the tag on the angled rectangle. The bird is colored and the bottom button of his vest is highlighted with shimmery paint. She added glitter to the background decorative paper, a green ribbon up the right hand side and the word stylin (I really need one of those machines...I love the look). To finish it all off she attached a brown and pink ribbon. Also, the edges of the diagonal square and the tag have been highlighted with dark ink and rubbed a little ruffly to add some texture.

S.M. our group coordinator, as always put together a charming piece.

I believe her mystery stamp is the little Casper looking ghost. But what I like the most about S.M.'s tag is the shape. Instead of leaving the bottom square she cut it along the moon's shape really making it interesting.

The tag was originally one of those that you can buy that is yellowish. She used some kind of ink/paint and colored it the purple tone and then stamped her images.

There are white/silver marks randomly all in the sky that I think she made using a pen. She accented the edges with the ink color she used to stamp the images and added wonderfully textured yarns and ribbons. I really like the one that looks like it has blobs on a thin ribbon... I know bad description...any better ideas?

And I'm sure she added the Rhinestone just for me is a very pale pink...I love Rhinestones they make me happy!

Okay for the second month in a row I think that my favorite is S.O.'s Something about they way she has combined her mystery stamp with this fabulous background paper really draws my eye.

Her mystery stamp is the bunny in the lower right corner. She colored, cut and added glitter and diamond glaze (I think) to her bunny.

The Words "Got Carrots?" Were printed out on computer paper and then highlighted with orange ink before cut and mounted onto the tag.

The bird in the tree are stamped using black ink.

I believe the butterfly at the top in the orangish pinkish ink is also stamped and she finished it off with some blue and purple yarns.

Isn't it amazing how little stamping there is and how fabulously it came together. I wish I could look at background paper (that I don't make) and be able to build on top of it like this. To me this is what a collage artist does.

Fabulous piece S.O. it makes me smile every time I look at it.

This is E.O.'s second piece ever for our group and it is just so much fun!

You can see more of E.O.'s work HERE

The mystery stamp she received is the dog (not 100% sure what kind, I think it is a bulldog)

I have about a billion questions for E.O. Did you cut out the red paper or did it come die cut. I have never used die cuts before so I don't really know anything about them. If you did cut out all the red you go have one steady hand and you had to make 8! WOW...

Everything on E.O's tag goes together so well...and I love the fact that she did not use a standard shape (rectangle) for her base the fire hydrant shape is just to perfect for her mystery stamp. I'm sure some of us wish that we had been so lucky...but then again it was the luck of the postage stickers.

I think H.S received the largest mystery stamp. it is an ostrich (which she thought before stamping was a peacock...)

H.S. appealed to my every sparkly sense. The background of her tag is painted using sparkeling H2O's and see the Rhinestones...her and S.M. must have been in league together...

She stamped the ostrich image on velum and colored it...I think with markers.

I am assuming that the words "stepping out in style" were part of the stamp but if they were/are not then she printed them out on the velum perfectly spaced so she could stamp her image...or she stamped and scanned the entire thing and then printed it out on velum either way the spacing is perfect...

To finish it all off she attached a turquoise and white colored yarn. The turquoise is a perfect match to the colors she used on the parasol and hat.

J. R.'s tag is intriguing...mainly because she used beeswax and the more I see it used the more I want to try it myself...

Her mystery stamp was a bow which she explains on the back of the tag "rather than use it as a focal point, I used it to create the background for some doodling."

it took me forever to figure out what she meant but I finally got it. She stamped the bow using white or light grey on black mat board (not sure about the tags make up) on top of that she stamped the white flower (I think)

It appears everything else is hand drawn and I'm not sure what she used to draw it with. On top of the "doodling" she added the beeswax. The letter "c" (which I suspect is on mine b/c that is my first name) is outlined with white and the dragonfly is an embellishment.

she finished it all off with a black ribbon.

I can't stop looking at this one and trying to figure out when she did what. Did the doodling or the wax come first? I wonder if it doesn't matter kinda like a chicken or the egg question...

The simplicity of M. D.'s tag makes me envious. I don't think I have ever come up with such a wonderfully simple and yet perfect design in my life.

M.D.'s mystery stamp is the cute little pig which she stamped on a mini tag using black ink. Aged the edges with a coral colored ink and attached a ribbon to.

Than she created a tag to hold her mini tag using fabulous decorative papers. The back paper is a very soft pink stripe and behind the mini tag (I wish I had scanned this) she wrote "Oink Oink" and she has lovely lighthearted handwriting which makes you smile when you see it. The edges of her tag are also rubbed with the same coral ink.

She finished her main tag off with a brown ribbon. Babe would be jealous if he saw this piece...and I'm not sharing :)

This is the smallest tag that was made making it even better...after all aren't pigs suppose to be cute and cuddly (in our imaginations at least)

And here is our fabulous hostesses A.L.

I think her mystery stamp is the hand holding the money inside the fortune tellers ball.

She to found a perfect decorative paper to build her tag on. Everything is stamped in brown, the face, the swirls, the money amount, the fortune tellers ball the hand holding the money and the word "fortune" I believe she then went back and stamped over the words and money amount with orange ink giving it a great depth without actually making it 3D.

Part of the fortune tellers ball is colored and it is all highlighted with a shimmery ink or powder...fabulous...

The best part is on the back (not better than the artwork though) A.L. attached a real lottery ticket to the back...some of us have rubber there's and won, me, I'm a chicken and I think that I am never going to. After all it is part of the art and I kinda feel like I would be ruining it.

She finished off her fabulous tag (the largest tag made) with a lovely copper ribbon.

Thanks for coming up with such a fabulous idea A.L. I really enjoyed this swap.

this is our newest member A.P.'s contribution...

you can see more of her work HERE

A's mystery stamp I think is the mail man but to be honest I have no idea because it could also be the postage paid emblem above the mail man...guess I should ask her.

A.P. let us all know that she made the tags on white paper but her daughter (who is I think 5) told her they looked to bright so she dusted them with brown...then she didn't like them thinking they looked "dirty" I laughed so hard when I heard this...after all I make everything "dirty" I think they are fabulous just the way they are.

But A.P. didn't stop there. She asked each of us (8 participants in total) where we were from or what our favorite place we ever lived was. I spent a few years when I was a child in Spain and loved it...have great memories and would jump at the opportunity to go back so I told her Spain.

On the backs of each of the tags (this one is mine so the others are all different) she placed postage stamps having to do with Spain. They are just so fabulous!

She attached her two tags together with a really neat thread I think one of them is a multi colored DMC floss.

Great Job A.P. talk about hitting this one out of the park!

Last but not least, here is mine. I was really excited when I opened my envelope and found the golf player. The idea jumped into my head instantly but I am a little disappointed with the outcome. I wanted it to have the look and feel of an old timy magazine advertisement.

I made the paper using Tim Holtz distressing ink Weathered Wood and then stamped the "Foster Hose Supporter" image using black ink. The woman playing golf I stamped repeatedly and painted in the three colors shown. I think trimmed as closely as possible and layered them onto the tag.

Oh, of course i painted them using sparkeling H2O's.

To finish it off I attached coordinating ribbons and edged the tag with blue.

I like it but it is far from my best piece.

I hope you enjoy May's Circle of Friends project.

I'm hosting next month, "All things _________ Shaped." you fill in the blank with the shape of your choice. I have already received one entry and I am almost done with mine...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

By The Sea

This is my contribution for June's Monthly Lot O Rama at Alpha Stamps yahoo group. Instead of it being a free for all this month we went with a slight must use the color orange.
Orange is my daughters favorite color but you wouldn't know it from my supplies...I hardly had anything orange.
I am disappointed with this scan but it is my fault. I 3Ded the words and the palm tree embellishment is a button that I couldn't get any flatter. Anyway the image in the back with the mermaid is from an Alpha stamps transparency sheet (we are not required to use any alpha stamp products in this type of swap but I always try to). I added Diamond glaze to the bubbles on the image. The orange around the edges is acrylic paint with sand sprinkled on it while it was still wet. The words are orange glitter.
Considering I didn't have much orange in my arsenal I think I did an okay job. Hope you enjoy!

Castle Swap

Excitement beyond all excitement. Before I left on vacation i received in the mail my swap castles and boy are they fabulous! Last month I posted the castles that I made HERE for this fabulous swap hosted by Sarah Whitmire through Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group. If you are not a member...shame on you! Anyway let me tell you about the lovely pieces I received since my scanner did them absolutely no justice. This one is by Jan W. The image in the center (oval cut) is from one of the many fabulous Collage sheets we were required to use. What does not show up on her lovely castle is the glitter glue that she has on the steps and in Cinderella's gown. It looks like everywhere Cinderella stepped she left a little glitter. Coming out of the back of Cinderella's gown (where is meets the oval cut) Jan attached white twual (sp?) and then she dabbed randomly the lovely glitter. Of course the clock in the top tower is striking midnight... This lovely castle is by Keron Lee one of the Alpha Stamp Design Team Members. There are so many layers to this fabulous castle that I almost don't know where to begin. Okay from top down, the tower image appears to be stamped and then colored or the paper faded there... Next she mounted (I think) the images of Cinderella and her fairy godmother. There are dozens of iridescent stars in the light fire area close to the fairy godmother that shimmer when you turn the paper. they are also on the dress and easier to see there. On the far right the brickwork is hand drawn and layered over the Cinderella image. The roses are rub on's and absolutely fabulous...I would love to have these for our next Castle swap which is for Sleeping Beauty. I am utterly amazed with Keron's collage can see more of her work on her web site, the colourguru. When I saw this castle show up in the photo album on the Yahoo group I was very interested in the techniques used. Now that I have it in my hot little hands I am even more intrigued. There is so much texture to it I just can't stop running my hands over it. The Castle really does feel like a wall! Martha F. Hand drew the background which just blows my mind since I can hardly color in the lines half the time. The Cinderella image has been enhanced with more hair detail and the bricks on the right hand side were painted over the image. The red and green flower vines are also hand painted...Okay everything is hand done! She also has a touch of bronze glitter all over the castle an where the turrets are (next to the black) she has added gold glitter. I am utterly amazed by her work. I think this lovely castle is the one that my scanner did the least justice to. Sarah W. also a design team member made this stunning castle. And everything on it shimmers...and I mean everything! The black items are embossed stamped images from Alpha Stamps and the images in the center are from the Cinderella Collage sheets. But Sarah didn't just cut them out and attach them she added shimmery paint to first I thought she used Sparkling H2O's but she used Goldens Fluid Acrylics. I am hopping I can recreate the fabulous shimmer using my H2O's. the swirl on the right hand side is hand drawn and there are rhinestones at the ends of each curl... Oh, the background which I know she made by hand is also entirely shimmery. In other words this is my favorite piece I have ever received in a swap...after all everything shimmers. Thanks Sarah for sending me your fabulous Castle I can't stop looking at it. you can see more of Sarah's fabulous work on her website,Caspiana, she also has a fabulous Etsy store. Hope you enjoyed looking and keep watching for my Sleeping beauty castles, I have to have them in the mail by the end of the month so I better get working on them. Hugs Caro


Yahoo Yahoo...I have been published again. This time I got two of my entries published...the one i liked the most and the one I liked the least...just goes to show, mail them all in.

Okay the lower image on the left most page of the picture above is mine, Open Your Eyes. I am an unknown artist again...sigh...don't know how that happened since this is a card and I always mark my cards with my stamp and use a sticker with e-mail address...They got the directions pretty close to correct but here they are with all the info. Oh, this one was my favorite that I sent in.

Trace Pocket template from the Dec/Jan 2008 Issue of Stampers’ Sampler onto heavy cardstock. Stamp Harlequin Background (The Queen’s Dresser Drawers) using white ink onto Pocket and a sheet of matching cardstock. Distress edges of both with white ink and set aside. On the same color cardstock stamp Eyes (Paper Artsy) with black ink, color with colored pencils and cut out, trimming closely. Attach one eye to the Pocket then mount the pocket to the prepared cardstock. Line up other eye accordingly and attach directly to cardstock. Stamp Swirls (Autumn Leaves) with black ink and embellish with glitter. On white cardstock stamp Lily (Penny Black), color with colored pencils, highlight with sparkling H2O’s and cut out. Affix one to upper corner of cardstock and place another inside the pocket. Mount finished image on dark grey cardstock. Finished image measures 4 ½ x 6 1/4

On the right hand side of the above image the pocket on the upper right is mine, Window or Key to my Heart. This is my least favorite. The instructions in the magazine leave off that all stamps are by Stampington & co.

Hope you enjoy!


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Art Deco goes Triangular

A few weeks ago I was browsing various Blogs. I stumbled across Zuzu's Petals 'n' Stuff and fell in love. At the time the post at the top was Triangle ATC's. I love what she did and I dropped her a comment.

One thing led to another and I got to join in on this fantastic swap being hosted by Anne from annescraftythings.

It has been a long time since I've made an ATC without a theme. Yes, this one has to be triangular but that left open a slew of idea. So I flipped to my newest items from Alpha Stamps. The same day I discovered Zuzu's blog I also found a blog (that I can't find anymore) that taught a number of different techniques using Alcohol inks. I had spent some time reading the instructions on making your own transparency. So one thing led to another and here is my creation.

I stamped the Art Deco woman on transparency film and colored her with Alcohol inks. The background is a tapestry stamp that I covered with gold acrylic paint and stamped on white paper when that dried I sprayed it with an iridescent gold shimmering paint. I hand sewed the two images together using fishing wire and coordinating seed beads.

The swap is not due until the end of the month but I would hate to hold her up because of international snail mail. So mine will go out on Monday. Watch sometime next month for the ones that I receive...

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Song Swap

Well, the Gal's at Circle of Friends have done it again. This time we depicted one of our favorite songs in our art. It is really amazing what songs were chosen and how fabulous everyone did representing these great artists and their phenomenal lyrics.

Okay lets see I'll start with J.R. She has made an ATC (I absolutely love all her ATC's she is a real expert at this format) depicting the song "My Wish" by Rascal Flats. On the front she has a picture of her 4 very handsome sons and on the back which is a bit harder to see under the velum is a photo of her dancing with her son at his wedding to this song. I just can't stop looking at this fabulous ATC it is made so much more special b/c of the special occasion I feel like she has shared with me, her sons wedding. Keep them coming J.R.!

Next fabulous song is "Last Train Home" by Pat Metheny. A.L. used a mini CD for the base of her art piece...isn't that just so ingenious! The front of the CD is covered in music themed stamps a picture of the artist (singer not painter LOL) and various star stamps. The back or at least what I am considering the back has even more fabulous stamping she also has some shimmery gold splatters and silvery stars to add to the over all look.

Working my way down the pile. This one is mine. I used the song "Faster than Angles Fly" by Big and Rich. It is a modern day Romeo and Juliet story told in verse. Even though my piece is not that modern, I own nothing modern...hum I wonder why LOL. i built my piece on top of this great copper paper the J.R. gave me when I visited her. I've been really stingy with it but I thought it was perfect for this. I covered the collage image with clear embossing powder and the cross is painted with sparkeling H2O's. In other words once again you can not see the shimmery effect that my piece has...but that's okay as long as you listen to the song.
I can't find a video for my song...I'm is really good...sigh...

This is S.M. the coordinator of our group and the mastermind behind this particular project. Thanks S.M for coming up with such a fun project. Her song is "Love, Me" by Collin Raye. When I put the CD she made all of us in the CD player to listen to this was about the sixth or so song on the CD. if I had been paying attention I would have skipped it, this song makes me cry...not just tear up, full fledged balling...and H.S. was over when I was listening to it and she was sooooooooooo bad. Amazing the power of lyrics. Wonderful song choice Sandi!

After S.M's tear jerker came N.P.
"The Lion sleeps tonight" I love love love the frivolity of this song. When I was little I would sing this when getting ready for school. I didn't need the music, I had it memorized. So I go from crying my eyes out to a wimawetting. N.P's tag is fabulous...the lion image is clip art, i think. The base of the tag has fabulous depth. She has stamped all sorts of shapes gradually changing her is a really neat effect. The words are embossed and then brushed with color giving them fabulous texture. This tag makes me smile every time I look at it just like the song. i will never be able to hear the song again without thinking of N.P's fabulous tag!
By the way you so have to check out the video I found for N.P.'s is just too cute! exactly how I pictured it when I was a little girl singing my lungs out in the bathroom. But please come back and see everyone else's work...

H.S. shared her first dance song with us. She has now been married 2 months! her song is "When you kiss me" The solid creamy paper is all shimmery, I really wish my computer showed shimmer...The paper on the sides is a wonderful french??? text...anyway it looks old and romantic and all those things that your first dance with your husband is suppose to look. She used collage images from Alpha Stamps of lovers kissing...everything goes together so well.

I think this is my favorite, but I keep flip flopping, I love them all. S.O.'s piece was inspired by the lyrics/song "Swallowed in the Sea" by Coldplay. I love Coldplay but until I saw her piece i had never really listened to the words. I must have played the song over and over and over. Everything she has on her piece fits the song perfectly and I just love the main image...the words on the front say "all that you hold in the palm of your hand..."

And this is from our newest member E.O. She selected the song "How Great Thou Art" It is a religious song sung at many churches I've heard it a number of times and it is very lovely and very inspirational. E.O. has done a wonderful job depicting the lyrics. I love having the music score. When the song plays I can pretend to sing along as if I am a choir member...thank goodness no one is listening. E.O. hand colored the two images...for 10 people! That is a lot of work and it looks perfect...
There were a million and one options for different singers and styles for this song. I had a very hard time deciding which one to use. I chose the Sandi Patty version b/c I loved the string instruments that accompany her.

Great job as always ladies...

Next up..."Mystery Swap" I actually have already received the swap and boy is it good...I'll upload them within the next week or two...

Thanks for looking

Rubber Hugs