Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Red/Pink ATC

Lenna introduced me to a new swap site. Swap-Bot. I'm not sure that this is the place for me but i thought I would give it a try and signed up for my first swap a 2 for 2 Red/Pink ATC.

A few months ago with the COF we did a monochrome swap. The ATC on the left is very similar to the Gothic Arch that I made for that swap. If you go to the link for the Monochrome swap it tells ya how I made the paper and where I got the image from.

The ATC on the Right "Sew Red" did not scan/photo well. The background is a solid red that I red embossed some swirls on. the dress I stamped on Red fabric and then mounted it on felt to give it some depth. I did sew it onto the ATC.


Rachel Webber said...

THat so red ATC is just amazing, I love that colour!

Tere Sanders said...

That is really pretty! I just joined swap-bot, too. Seems like a fun place!