Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Monochrome Swap

Well, the Circle of Friends have done it again! This time the ladies did a fabulous job with a really hard project, Monochrome.

Challenge: Create a piece using only one color and a sparing amount of black.

From Top to Bottom:

“Green Means Grow” ATC by M.D.

The colors on this one for some reason really didn’t turn out correctly. She used a lovely shade of lemongrass green. The flowers look hand drawn and then cloroxed to decrease the brilliance of the green.

“Purple Oh Happy Day” A2 card by S.M

The decorative paper she used on this is just absolutely fabulous…I can’t stop touching it. The flowers are all raised. For the O in Oh Happy Day she used a purple rhinestone which of course I love. The tag says “Garden flowers hyacinths, pansies, daffodils, larkspur and blue bonnets” and on the inside of that card is a corresponding shade of purple paper with “I’m glad to have a friend like you” stamped and flower shapes punched out…

“Red Fly Far” mini house shape by A.L

Gorgeous shades of brick red…one of my favorite colors. The bird is cut out of velvet that has an imprint of flowers on it, don’t know if it came that way or if she used the stamping technique that does that (hey girl if that’s what you did how hard was it?) The trim across the bottom is a felt sticker, you can get these at Alpha Stamp, they are fabulous and very easy to use.

On the back she used a transparency of a nature scene. A few projects ago she taught us all how to make these, did you make this one also? A feather that looks like it could have come right out of the bird accents the back.

“Blue Gothic Arch” is by me

Go here to see how I made the string paper.
Go here to see instructions on how to make the accent paper I used in the upper and lower corners.

The image is from Altered Pages. The heart is hand drawn using glue and then I sprinkled blue glitter on it. I used the same string to stitch the accent paper on as I did to make the string paper.

“Green Thinking of You” A2 card by E.O.

I just didn’t seem to have much luck scanning in the green contributions. This card has a fabulous decorative paper on it that has multiple hues of green that did not show up. The simplicity is absolutely perfect. She said she did not put her name on it so that we could send it out but I’m not so sure I’m going to do that…I like to be constantly reminded that someone is “Thinking of me”!

You can see more of E.O’s work HERE

“Orange Prom Dress” 4 x 4 by H.S.

Orange is one of H.S.’s least favorite colors but boy did she do a fantastic job! The background paper is made using Tim Holts distressing ink. The dress is embossed on book print, also died using Tim Holts distress ink. The lace in the background was colored using the same ink. She used a two sided tape to attach the lace and covered the openings with orange glitter.

Note: she did this before she got married b/c the initials on the back are H.D J

“Shades of Turquoise” ATC by J.R.

This is an absolutely intriguing ATC. She covered the entire thing with Bees wax and we are all anxiously awaiting for her to give us more details as to how she did that and how she got it soooooooo smooth. The 3 hearts on the right hand side are 3D and I have absolutely no clue what she used if I had to guess I’d say they are a 3D paper with some ink rubbed on and then covered in wax…JR. is that right???

“Brown Tag” by N.P

And last but not least b/c I think this is my favorite is our ode to brown. It looks like she dry brushed on some acrylic paint and then stamped the images highlighting portions with brown marker. The paper on the left side is decorative and cut with decorative scissors. The paper along the bottom looks like she used Tim Hotlz distressing ink and then stamped giraffe pattern over that. She accented the piece with various brown shaded buttons, a copper arrow and lovely ribbons.

You can see more of N.P’s work HERE

I hope you enjoy our work. Our April project was to artistically interpret our favorite song. This one was a real challenge for me…hope you come back to check it out!



Rachel Webber said...

Wow - some lovely projects there & I love your blue Gothic Arch, brilliant

Elisabeth said...

I loved all the creations! I whipped mine at the last minute since I totally forgot I signed up. LOL

Thanks for posting all of our projects.

Annapurna said...

Lovely creations by all. Thanks for sharing the technique with us.

Spanishbella said...

Beautiful work! Everything was beautuful. You are definitely keeping yourself busy!



Annapurna said...

You were given an award. When you need a breather, you can come get it.