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Chapter 1 Section 1

I've been writing this for years now...and recently I've had an itching feeling that I really need to finish...but my motivation is just not there...I figured if I start getting readers that maybe just maybe that would get me back to working on it.

Please leave any and all comments...guidence is always desired. Just remember...I am imaginative but lack a lot of basic writing skills...this is really hard for me :)

Hope you enjoy

“Hide!” The telepathic message erupts from deep within Abreese as she runs frantically across the schools courtyard the frosty morning air stinging her lungs. Her tightly cinched chestnut brown hair lets loose with every wild step splashing melting snow all over the hem of her dress.
Meekcuptiran’s men came on hard and fast. Fortunately, they were not great in number, giving the Protector’s in the watchtower just enough time to ring the warning bell. A deafening sound meant to strike fear in those attacking as well as those who must fight for their lives.

Rushing to the main entrance of the dormitory Abreese and a handful of other Telepaths bar the door. Turning around quickly and leaning against the heavy wood door she knows will not keep the warriors out forever Abreese attempts to catch her breath and focus her chest heaves within the bodice of her light blue dress.

“It won’t take them long to break that down. Everyone hide. Find something to defend yourselves with.” Barking orders is not something Abreese is accustomed to even though her early education was militaristic. She struggles to remember her training and is uncomfortable with the sound of her harsh words. Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine she may have to use her training but the day has come, Meekcuptiran’s men are right outside the massive doors of Tonet’s dormitory.

“They have to be after Jinx.” Decla says.

“Destroy that picture.” Abreese points to a composite on the wall of honorary students.

“No, wait.” Decla manages to stop the headmistress before the picture is ripped from the wall. “Are the name tags removable?”

Fear arrests the headmistress voice. Decla pushes the worthless woman aside and effortlessly slides the name plate out from under Jinx’s picture and replaces it with hers. The doorknob begins to shake violently shortly followed by a relentless pounding on the door. A few of the women let out small screams and start to cry.

“That could mean death for you.” Abreese says knowing it is the only move that will ensure Jinx’s safety but reluctant to loose her lifelong friend.

“It’s my duty.” Decla reminds Abreese. “You’d do it if your picture was up here.”

Abreese is not so sure she would. While she has grown to love Jinx she is not confident that given the same opportunity as Decla she would do the right thing. Either way she is going to loose someone today, hopefully the God’s will be merciful and only take one life.

“I’m going to find Jinx.” Decla hollers over her shoulder as she rushes up the grand staircase.
“Give us as much time as you can.” It is difficult for Abreese to make out the last words, Decals is almost to the second floor.

The few students foolish enough to still be around look at Abreese in bewilderment, she knows their actions are not those of normal twenty year olds. To the students and instructors at Tonet Decla and Abreese are orphans sent here to study. The pounding at the door begins again this time with the strength of a large object behind it. Abreese inspects the room to make sure there is nothing else that can place Jinx’s name with her face. Satisfied she lifts her skirt and runs up the staircase, two steps at a time. Jinx, Decla and she share a room at the end of the hall on the fourth floor, her destination seems miles away. Splintering of wood gives way to a deafening crash as the bared door downstairs comes crashing down. They are out of time.

“I can’t find her.” Decla’s panic filled voice says as she comes rushing towards Abreese from the opposite end of the hall.

They burst into the corner room to find it empty sunlight just beginning to creep through the single window. The room is far from barren; the three women have shared the space for almost a decade. Together they gathered books, portraits, and fine trinkets. Memories. A sorrow so gut wrenching Abreese fears she may never recover from cripples her. Within moments, everything will change. The life Decla and she have shared guarding Jinx is over. Will she be able to protect Jinx as well as Decla? It should be her sacrificing her life, not Decla.

“Jinx?” Abreese panics, she left her charge in here this morning still asleep. Jinx is not an early riser.

A creak from behind draws Abreese’s attention, the wardrobe door opens slightly. Delicate white fingers curl around the sides of the thick wood door and Abreese catches her ashen face reflected in the door length mirror. This mornings attack seems to have aged her significantly.

The screams of fellow students are getting closer. Clanking of swords against undefended Telepaths and stomping of feet on the wooden floors almost drown out Jinx’s reply. “Here.”
Abreese rushes over to the wardrobe, pushes Jinx back inside and climbs in. “Shut us in Decla.” Abreese says her big brown eyes fill with sorrow and fear. She attempts to memorize her friends face.

“Good luck.” Decla whispers. She arranges the sky blue gowns and elegant shoes quickly so the wardrobe will not appear out of order if opened. Then she closes the two women inside and latches the door.

“What’s happening?” Jinx asks Abreese telepathically.

“I don’t know.” Abreese lies. The women crouch frozen with fear listening intently to the sounds of the attackers. Downstairs something crashes to the floor and breaks, muffled voices can be heard but not clearly. A piercing scream, unmistakably the headmistresses, is shortly followed by thundering footsteps on the stairs. Abreese tries to determine how many attackers there are but she has been away from any formal training now for ten years and her skills have suffered. Their bedroom door is thrown open and Abreese quickly moves to cover Jinx’s mouth. Abreese can feel her friend’s eyes on her and then Jinx’s gentle smooth hand covers Abreese’s mouth. The two girls sit motionless, tears of fear sliding down their cheeks.

“Jinx Zopal?” A ruff voice demands.

“Yes.” Decla answers her speech wavering.

Abreese longs to burst open the closet doors and rush to her friend’s aid but that would seal the fate of all three women. She hears a sword being drawn from its sheath. The two women grasp at each other as if clinging more fiercely will prevent them from hearing Decla’s last moments.

“Please….” Decla cries.

This is not suppose to happen. Tonet is suppose to be a safe haven for Lord Zopal’s daughter. For thirteen years it has been. Why now? Abreese feels hot tears slide down her cheek as anger boils within her. I will find out who leaked her whereabouts, I will. Abreese says continually in her mind trying to block out what is happening outside the wardrobe.

“No matter what you do to me he’ll never stop.” Decla pulls herself together at the last minute. Abreese can imagine her standing tall and proud with a filthy assassin before her poised to run her threw with a rusty blade.

“Long live Lord Zopal.” Decla declares at the top of her lungs quickly followed by a dreadful grunt as the warriors blade slides into her body. Abreese listens as the only woman in the world who truly knows her falls to the floor. Jinx is shaking in her arms but silent as a mouse. The assassin rummages through the room knocking over bookshelves and destroying their precious keepsakes.

“You sure that’s her.” A woman’s voice Abreese swears she has heard before asks. Is it a student, one of the instructors? No, the voice is heavy with an accent Abreese does not recognize. The voice is from her past or could it be similar to someone she is close to?

“They had a picture downstairs.” The man answers.

“Search the room, make sure theirs no one left.”

Abreese feels Jinx’s body tense and a strange feeling enters her mind. Outside the protective doors of the wardrobe their room is being torn apart. Sheets ripped from beds, drawers open, their contents dumped on the floor. The woman is moving around, her heals clicking menacingly on the hard wood floor. A small crack of light, the only light in the pitch-black hiding place, disappears as the woman steps in front of it. Abreese’s head feels like it is going to explode.

“Don’t move a muscle.” Jinx’s voice whispers in Abreese’s head as the wardrobe doors open. Abreese holds her breath, closes her eyes, and prays silently to Trixie, goddess of the Telepaths.
The woman slides her long arm through the dozens of hanging gowns and hits the wardrobe wall. Sprawling her fingers so her palm is flat against the wood she feels across the length of the closet. Abreese listens as the woman’s hand slides just above her head.

“There’s no one else here.” The mans voice comes from somewhere across the room prompting the woman to retract her arm.

“Burn it.” She says coldly and leaves the room.

The two women remain frozen at the back of the wardrobe listening to the traitor pile books and papers and then light them. He must be a Fire Shifter Abreese thinks. A squad full of mixed powers is always more powerful than one of only Protector’s. She feels Jinx lurch forward in her arms and struggles to make her stay.

“We’re going to burn up if we stay.” Jinx says mentally.

“Wait till he’s gone.” Abreese instructs. It did not take long. Moments after the crackling of the fire can be heard he exits the room. Abreese releases Jinx who quickly throws open the wardrobe doors. Before them lays the limp remains of Decla. Jinx freezes halfway out of the closet. Abreese, no more accustomed to death than Jinx, somehow manages to wrench herself from the hiding place. She attempts to put out the fire, which has now spread to the drapes, but realizes the futility of her actions. “We have to go Jinx.” Abreese hollers as she attempts to lift Decla’s slack body.

“It’s not safe yet, get back in here. Now!” Jinx whispers harshly.

Abreese studies Jinx’s face momentarily before diving back into the wardrobe. Jinx’s normally pail gray eyes are swirling like an angry storm. Abreese has never seen anything like it. Closing the closet doors just as the bedroom is reentered. It is the woman again; her perfume permeates through the cracks of their hiding place. Listening intently as the woman walks over to Decla’s body. Abreese wonders why she has returned.

“She wants something.” Jinx’s voice echoes in Abreese’s head.

“I don’t know.” Abreese answers what she perceives as a question. A strange sound Abreese cannot place can barely be heard over the pounding of her heart. Then the woman departs, this time leaving the door ajar. Abreese waits long after she can no longer hear the woman’s footsteps before emerging from the closet again. The fire is now out of control, two of the beds are engulfed in flames and the walls are singed with black. “Help me.” She pleads, again trying to lift Decla’s body.

“Trixie, how could you let this happen?” Jinx asks her goddess.

“Come on, we don’t have time.” Abreese has to get Jinx to realize the danger they are still in.

“We can’t leave her here to be burned up. She deserves a proper burial.” Jinx regains some composure and bends down to lift the flaccid body. Between the two of them, they lift Decla under the arms and drag her out of the flame-engulfed room.

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Very cool.

Takes a lot of courage to post something. If you are interested in writing, I've spent quite a bit of time over the years at the Compuserve writer's forum. It's completely free, and you can get all sorts of writing advice there. There are many published authors there, including Diana Gabaldon.

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