Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gothic Arches…my interpretation

Back in January Caspiana described how to make her fabulous Gothic Arches string paper. I just had to try it out and the Monochrome project with Circle of Friends (posted above) was the perfect opportunity.

Here is a link to Sarah’s fabulous paper

I followed her instructions to a T except I used Blue paint. Because the paint colors are so close it is a bit more difficult to see the fabulous salt result on the back of my arch but trust me it is there.

This technique is really really easy but yet it looks like it takes forever which works for me!

Hope you enjoy and try it!


Sarah Whitmire said...

Simply beautiful! Glad you ejoyed the process as much as I did! :)

Sarah Whitmire


Rosie said...

Caroline, this is fab! I saw something similar on Dymphie's/Rein's blog... and you can fuse plastic carriers together with cut up bits in them too!! I love handmade backgrounds!!
Your creations from Anna's stamp are divine and I love the Circle of friends works too! So much to see.... yummy!