Sunday, April 27, 2008

Dolphin Dreams

A few weeks ago, Anna, one of my fabulous SBS12 Sisters, posted a lovely card. I absolutely fell in love with the image, Dolphin Dreams by Stamp Oasis. Anna being the fabulous woman that she is mailed me the stamp so that I could play with it.

Life got pretty hectic at the time the stamp graced my home so I am just now getting around to creating my pieces. I almost forgot what it felt like just to let go and stamp…thank you Anna for giving me the tool to take my mind off of life for a weekend.

Here is what I came up with.

The first piece is my favorite, “Under the Sea” I used a background stamp from Stamp Out Cute to create the underwater plant life effect. The paper is various shades of Sparkeling H2O’s sponged on, so of course it is all shimmery. I painted the Dolphin Dreams image using the same shades of H2O’s. Cut everything, mounted Dolphin Dreams on black cardstock and 3D mounted the plant life. I added round page pebbles to achieve the bubble effect.

The Second one is my DH’s favorite. “In the Stars” I silver embossed the stars, hero arts, all over a dark blue piece of cardstock. On a separate sheet of white cardstock I stamped Dolphin Dreams multiple times. I painted all the dolphins using sparkeling H2O’s, one of the images I colored the woman in using colored pencils. I cut out that image in it’s entirety and attached 3 blue star charms. The other images I cut the dolphins out. Along the bottom of the card I weaved blue toile, in attempt to look like clouds, and have the dolphins jumping out of them mounted with 3D tape.

And the last one, my least favorite and the one I spent the most time on…always works out that way…Anyway, I glued wood sticks together and painted them with green and blue alcohol inks. I then painted over that with blue shimmery paint. Next I stamped various shell’s from Paula’s Kit Club using a dark blue ink. I sanded this down.

On a separate sheet of paper I stamped Dolphin Dreams numerous times, colored one image with color pencils and another I painted the dolphins and coated them with Diamond glaze. I cut the dolphins out and mounted them on the colored image. I then mounted that onto the blue planks and surrounded the image with various sizes of blue rhinestones. DH drilled small holes in the plank for me to place wire through, I added some beads and thread then curled the exec wire and placed a dolphin where the wire meet at the top.

I think that I will continue playing with this last piece…I have some ideas that may make me happier with it.

Thank you Anna for allowing me to play with your fabulous stamp.


Annapurna said...

Woah! not just wow! All of them are just gorgeous. What creativity and having all the right stamps helps too. Now to my let me go back to look. They are all my favorites, but the dolphins jumping over the clouds is absolutely creative. I am so glad I shared it with you.

Vix Kennedy said...


I'm a huge fan of oasis stamps especially those designed by Kaitlyn (sp?) They are so versatile and stamp beautifully :D

Rachel said...

Wow! You did such a great job! I like the first one best. I am going to hire you for your extreme cutting abilities.

Melissia said...

Very pretty. What an artistic stamp.

malieta said...

Your work is stunning!!!!