Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adoption Prayer

A friend of mine asked if I would do something special for the prayer she had read when she adopted her son. He will have been in her family for a year come May 1st

Here is what I came up with.

Like the majority of my pieces you can not see the shimmery effect. The background is a cloud pattern with various shades of Sparkeling H2O’s starting at the top with the darkest I used and gradually getting lighter. Next I embossed the swirls using Silver Embossing powder. The Prayer is printed out on Velum (it too had sparkelys in the paper). I cut the prayer apart and attached it to the background by sewing it on with shimmery DMC floss in silver and blue. The doves were stamped, cut out and then painted with sparkeling H2O’s.

The prayer reads as follows:
Blessed art thou O Lord our God,
Who art Father/Mother to us all:
I thank thee everyday for the blessing of this child,
And for the family that thou hast created through adoption.
Lend me thy strength to build a bond of love unbreakable;
Thy wisdom to prepare this child for the path you have set before it,
And thy forgiveness for my imperfections as parent.
I ask that thee watch over the birth parents of this child,
Who by thy guidance, helped bring this miracle to pass.
And for all your children still awaiting the blessing of adoption,
We pry thee speed their journey
To the arms of the family who will love them.

I hope she likes what I have done…blue is not a color I work with very often but I thought I needed to since she has a son…



Nancy said...

Caroline - this is beautiful and I know that your friend will treasure always. I am an adpoted child and I know this will always be a family keepsake.

JJO said...

Caroline - I am always in awe of the work that you do! I know this is a very special piece and you should be so proud!

Spanishbella said...

Hi Caroline, just dropping by to say hello. Your work is always so creative!


Dawn said...

oh this is just beautiful. I am sure your friend will love it!

Vix Kennedy said...


Melissia said...

This is so beautiful. What a wonderful keepsake for the family.