Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tallulah swap Received

A few days’ ago I received four wonderful swap pieces for the Tallulah Swap hosted by Lenna Andrews with Alpha Stamps as the sponsor.

Go Here to see the pieces that I submitted for the swap.

Okay onto the marvelous works I received

From Gayle Gross I received a lovely Hot Pink Passion Fabric/Paper Post Card. She sewed on the man and woman image, the flourish, the words and the button. On top of the entire post card is hot pink tulle (giving it a marvelous effect) and she trimmed the bottom with a lovely lace and the top with a fabulous coordinating velvet ribbon…I will have to get some of this.

From Frieda Oxenham I received a fabulous Black and Red Fabric post card. The background is a black velvet with I think gold paint splattered on. I will have to ask her because I love the effect this creates, I’d love to try it out…if that is actually what she did. She sewed her womanly image and heart on (the Heart has mini beeds sewn all over!) The smaller harts along the bottom are a wonderful sticker product that you can get at Alpha Stamps.

From Shannon Sawyer I received the blue Fabric and Paper Post card. The background is blue felt. The two images with women’s faces are fabric collage sheets all other images are paper. I love the way she combined all the different textures and elements to create her piece…Although I am not a huge blue fan I find this piece the most intriguing and keep coming back and looking at it.

Last but not least…
From Vicky Martindale I received a paper post card with warm tones and fabulous Ribbons. The Word Dream is stamped along the bottom. She also covered her entire post card with Tulle, either a cream or light orange shade. It is a much tighter tulle making it hard to tell what color it even is. To hold this to her post card she used black brads so it is not tight against the card which gives a very soft overall effect. The back of hers is also stamped on with a fabulous swirl.

You can see all the participants’ pieces at Creative Swaps

For participating we all received a great collage sheet with fabulous women…I can’t wait to play with these!

Thank Lenna for hosting such a fabulous Swap and thank you Gayle, Frieda, Shannon and Vicky I love your pieces!


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friedaquilter said...

I was lucky enough to receive one of your cards in return and I love how you've made the curtain and the little theatre. Thanks so much. I must also own up here and admit that the black velvet came with the gold spashes already on it!! So glad you liked my card!