Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Celebrity Bunko

Last Night was Celebrity Bunko and boy did we have a blast! In attendance we had (from left to right) Jaclyn Smith aka Kelly Garrett (from Charles’s Angels), Tom Cruise aka Joel Goodsen (from Risky Business), Paris Hilton, Dolly Parton, Ellen Degeneres, Portia de Rossi, Britney Spears and Tina Turner. Behind the camera is Mary Kate Olsen.

If you don’t know what Bunko is…go check it out HERE…it is fabulously simple dice game that give us an excuse to get together one a month and roll for prizes.

Speaking of prizes last nights winners were.
Most Bunko’s = Ellen Degeneres…she picked wine glasses & Glitter Tart Design coasters.
Most Wins = Portia de Rossi…bottle or Red wine and a wine opener
Most Losses = Kelly Garrett…copy of Girl with a Pearl Earring book and DVD
Most Mini Bunko’s = Dolly Parton…2 desert mixes and a pink spatula from Stonewall Kitchen.
Last Bunko = Mary Kate Olsen…Glitter Tart Designs Cards

But to top it all off…everyone was a winner…I gave out swag bags to all the celebrities that graced my house with their presence. Everyone received a note pad and pen, Glitter Tart Designs card, Homemade Oscar shaped cookie, chap stick, Kleenex, Bayer Asprin, and a decorated bar of soap.

Thanks ladies for making it such a fun night. Can’t wait to see ya next month!


Elisabeth said...

LOL You gals are hilarious! Looks like a fun time was had by all!

Annapurna said...

Never been to one, but heard of it. From what I see, you look like you all are having fun, and with all those gifts. I like Dolly especially :-)

Ruby Claire. said...

Aww looks like ou guys had SUCH a fun time!
Love what everyone was dressed up as!! :D

Spanishbella said...

What Fun! You girls look like you all had a ball!


CraftyTracy said...

So funny!! you look like you were having a fab time.


The Crimson Moon said...

Lol, that looked like a lot of fun!! :D

Liz x (sbs12)

Rachel Webber said...

Looks like a complete blast - glad you had a good time