Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fabric Painting/Stamping Pillow

My fabulous DH bought me a wonderful online class with Lenna…one of the fabulous Design Team members at Alpha Stamps. The class is an online class hosted through Joggles, my newest find for stamping supplies! Anyway, the class started last Wednesday and our first project was a stamped pillow case. Being the thriftmyster that I am I decided to learn and nock out a present at the same time. My niece’s birthday is coming up so I thought a girly pillow would be fabulous…here is what I came up with.

First I gathered all my supplies…I wasn’t really sure what I was going to do so I pulled out a slew of stamps. I had a test piece of fabric that I worked with before I settled on this design.

Living in the middle of no where really limits your supplies so instead of being able to purchase a ready made pillow cover I had to make mine from fabric, which in my opinion worked out better b/c I was able to add a fabulous black with grey fabric on the back and a boa…what little girl doesn’t love boa’s?

You can see the progression of my work with these photo’s. The only thing I think I will do next time (I am planning on making these for my other Nieces’ as well) is to leave the background white. I like the yellow but I think white will be a better contrast against the boa.

Hope you enjoy!


Annapurna said...

Oooh I love this. I will have to try making one and you will have to teach me what inks to use :-)

Miss Moon said...

WOW that is one fantastic pillow!!! I love it :D

Liz x

jami said...

Love the frame. Very cute.