Saturday, May 17, 2008

Secrets & Divas & Buddies, oh MAY!

Another month has come and gone which means another fabulous Diva exchange! And boy was I spoiled this month!

This month, you will have a secret buddy. Of course, you will know to whom you are mailing, but you won’t know who is mailing to you! For a fun twist, we are also having secret RAK buddies (random acts of kindness). You will be assigned 2 buddies. One for a Diva box ($25 minimum) and the other for your RAK buddy ($5 maximum). Please read the rules listed below.

Here is what I got and OMG is it Fabulous!
  • $20.00 gift certificate to Altered Pages you know how hard it was for me not to spend this before telling ya'll about it LOL
  • 2 Cinderella and Birds Link Fabric Collage Sheets from Alpha Stamps! (scroll down the page) This is so perfect b/c I am making Cinderella pillows for my sister for her birthday...and they sent a free gift a Transparency of a Fabulous Castle! (also on the same page Tall Castles bottom right hand corner of the sheet)
  • 18 Marvy Brush Marker...that I really really needed! Yahoo Yahoo...
  • 2 stamps from The Lockhard Stamp Company Broccoli and Bok Choy #2041 Link and Vegetable Shoe #2015 Link ...scroll down... I can not wait to play with these...I am going to make Recipe cards and paint the images with a sparkeling paint (surprise surprise)!
  • Teaposy Blooming Flowers Tea Link Snow Dance with one Daydream Teapot and Box of Let is Snow Teaposies. This is even more beautiful in person than it is at Amazon! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
  • teaposy Flowering Medley teaposies. Link I don't know which one to make first???!!!

    I’ve already made one piece of art with the supplies I received, I added it to this post so everyone can see that I really do LOVE my Box!

Now for the box I sent. I made a lot of the items b/c the woman I mailed to loves hand made items. It was so much fun to incorporate her tastes into new and different art forms for me. I’ve never made cocktail napkins before…they took me an entire week but I think they look smashing…I hope she likes them!

Here is what she wrote upon receiving her box…

I was also her REOK buddy…I sent her lavender scented organic laundry detergent, she got it first and I had to bite my fingers not to tell her I was her Secret Buddy also!

it turns out that Caro is my secret buddy after all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I got a fabulous artsy crafty fantastiky box just like my dreams!!

  • I got a fab plate from my kaboodle list: Link
  • A unbelievable handcrafted pillow in yellow with Ms K's nickname Karoo stamped on it with an elephant border and elephant charm. too freakin fab!!
  • A CD with divalicious music that Caroline complied.
  • A set of fabulous cards from Caro ( 6 of them)-the diva face ones with stamps as well!
    the cutest ice cubes shaped like guitars and other jazz instruments. perfect for a summer cocktail.
  • a wonderful handmade card.

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Nancy said...

Hi Caroline - your Diva exchanges sound like so much fun!! Here's a hint for you concerning the gift certificate - if you sign up for e-mails from Jackie about the site she also sends discount coupons almost every week. Your $$$'s will go so much farther that way. That was a wonderful gift. I love altered pages and I have a hard time staying away from there. I must have at least 70 of there sheets!!!LOL!!!