Thursday, June 5, 2008

Song Swap

Well, the Gal's at Circle of Friends have done it again. This time we depicted one of our favorite songs in our art. It is really amazing what songs were chosen and how fabulous everyone did representing these great artists and their phenomenal lyrics.

Okay lets see I'll start with J.R. She has made an ATC (I absolutely love all her ATC's she is a real expert at this format) depicting the song "My Wish" by Rascal Flats. On the front she has a picture of her 4 very handsome sons and on the back which is a bit harder to see under the velum is a photo of her dancing with her son at his wedding to this song. I just can't stop looking at this fabulous ATC it is made so much more special b/c of the special occasion I feel like she has shared with me, her sons wedding. Keep them coming J.R.!

Next fabulous song is "Last Train Home" by Pat Metheny. A.L. used a mini CD for the base of her art piece...isn't that just so ingenious! The front of the CD is covered in music themed stamps a picture of the artist (singer not painter LOL) and various star stamps. The back or at least what I am considering the back has even more fabulous stamping she also has some shimmery gold splatters and silvery stars to add to the over all look.

Working my way down the pile. This one is mine. I used the song "Faster than Angles Fly" by Big and Rich. It is a modern day Romeo and Juliet story told in verse. Even though my piece is not that modern, I own nothing modern...hum I wonder why LOL. i built my piece on top of this great copper paper the J.R. gave me when I visited her. I've been really stingy with it but I thought it was perfect for this. I covered the collage image with clear embossing powder and the cross is painted with sparkeling H2O's. In other words once again you can not see the shimmery effect that my piece has...but that's okay as long as you listen to the song.
I can't find a video for my song...I'm is really good...sigh...

This is S.M. the coordinator of our group and the mastermind behind this particular project. Thanks S.M for coming up with such a fun project. Her song is "Love, Me" by Collin Raye. When I put the CD she made all of us in the CD player to listen to this was about the sixth or so song on the CD. if I had been paying attention I would have skipped it, this song makes me cry...not just tear up, full fledged balling...and H.S. was over when I was listening to it and she was sooooooooooo bad. Amazing the power of lyrics. Wonderful song choice Sandi!

After S.M's tear jerker came N.P.
"The Lion sleeps tonight" I love love love the frivolity of this song. When I was little I would sing this when getting ready for school. I didn't need the music, I had it memorized. So I go from crying my eyes out to a wimawetting. N.P's tag is fabulous...the lion image is clip art, i think. The base of the tag has fabulous depth. She has stamped all sorts of shapes gradually changing her is a really neat effect. The words are embossed and then brushed with color giving them fabulous texture. This tag makes me smile every time I look at it just like the song. i will never be able to hear the song again without thinking of N.P's fabulous tag!
By the way you so have to check out the video I found for N.P.'s is just too cute! exactly how I pictured it when I was a little girl singing my lungs out in the bathroom. But please come back and see everyone else's work...

H.S. shared her first dance song with us. She has now been married 2 months! her song is "When you kiss me" The solid creamy paper is all shimmery, I really wish my computer showed shimmer...The paper on the sides is a wonderful french??? text...anyway it looks old and romantic and all those things that your first dance with your husband is suppose to look. She used collage images from Alpha Stamps of lovers kissing...everything goes together so well.

I think this is my favorite, but I keep flip flopping, I love them all. S.O.'s piece was inspired by the lyrics/song "Swallowed in the Sea" by Coldplay. I love Coldplay but until I saw her piece i had never really listened to the words. I must have played the song over and over and over. Everything she has on her piece fits the song perfectly and I just love the main image...the words on the front say "all that you hold in the palm of your hand..."

And this is from our newest member E.O. She selected the song "How Great Thou Art" It is a religious song sung at many churches I've heard it a number of times and it is very lovely and very inspirational. E.O. has done a wonderful job depicting the lyrics. I love having the music score. When the song plays I can pretend to sing along as if I am a choir member...thank goodness no one is listening. E.O. hand colored the two images...for 10 people! That is a lot of work and it looks perfect...
There were a million and one options for different singers and styles for this song. I had a very hard time deciding which one to use. I chose the Sandi Patty version b/c I loved the string instruments that accompany her.

Great job as always ladies...

Next up..."Mystery Swap" I actually have already received the swap and boy is it good...I'll upload them within the next week or two...

Thanks for looking

Rubber Hugs



Annapurna said...

Now I am sorry I missed it. I would have chosen, "There is no mountain high enough, no valley low enough". They are all wonderful. I think my favorite is S.Os too. Love the images. Now off to listen to songs.

Elisabeth said...

I had fun doing this swap! I chose the Sandy Patti version of the song "How Great Thou Art" for the CD. She had a beautiful voice. I wanted to use Carrie Underwood's version but I could find it in time for the CD.

Everyone did an aweseome job! And the tag swap was amazing!

The Crimson Moon said...

Beautiful work, all of it! As always your piece is gorgeous, I just love how you put everything together :)

Btw I'm giving away some beady blog candy, don't forget to pop along and join in!

Liz x