Monday, January 2, 2012

Hello 2012, a Resolutions Post, Join me

With 2011 officially behind me, the Christmas decorations all put up, the New Years eve celebration cleaned up and the traditional New Years Day meal consumed it is time to think about what I want for 2012.

First off I always do a reading Goal and last year I didn't make mine but I'm not very upset about that with everything that happened in 2011. 

So this year my goal is simpler
Read 30 books (23 off my To Be Read pile)
Each book will earn a point value 100 for the first in a series, 200 for 2nd etc etc.  I get an additional 25 pts for books already on my TBR pile and an additional 50 pts if the book is not WL for on PBS. 
I want my total score this year to be 8000 (last year it was 7495)

I would also like to focus on my house a bit more this year.  Yes, we just moved into it and no, I don't expect everything to get done overnight but there is still painting to finish and some furniture to paint.  So Each month I want to focus (and finish up as best I can) a room in the house.
January:  DD #1's room
February:  DD #2's room
March:  The Kitchen eating area
For starters...we will see what needs going after that (a ton but I suspect we will work on other rooms too during these months)

I want to host 4 Read Alongs
This however depends on how much participation I get.  I've already scheduled my first one, it is for the book Mermaid and you can get the information HERE

And then the big hard one for me...I want to participate in a Craft Fair this upcoming year.  First I'll have to find one and then I'll have to make enough stuff LOL. 

I'd also like to get back to writing/editing so maybe a chapter every 2 months. 

Please Share with me what you would like to accomplish this year, I would love to hear it and hopefully it will keep me motivated. 


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