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Order of the Demensions by Irene Helenowski

When Jane Kremowski first began her graduate studies in physics at Madison State University in Wisconsin, little did she know where her work would take her. Now, she is embroiled in a multitude of dimensions all leading to different outcomes. She and her colleagues therefore must act wisely in order to take and keep away the Order of Dimension from falling into the wrong hands for the sake of her loved ones.
This is a self published book, not the first I've ever read, and I have the same advice for Irene that I have for all the other self published books I've read.  Please get an editor.  I love sci-fi so when Irene sent me the description of her book I was uber excited about reading it but I did get hung up quite a bit on small typos, missing words, or the wrong word all together.  This makes the reading not as smooth and it gives the reader a chance to nit pick. 
A Little Bit more about the Book:
Order of The Dimensions is a story about a physics graduate student, Jane Kremowski (can you see the similarities between the author's surname? ).
Jane is on a team that is working on a device called  'Multiverser'.  It's a device that allows another person or 'being' to enter/visit other alternate universes/dimensions.  Immediately this made me think of the TV show Sliders (yes I watched, and loved it!)
Back to the Review:
To be 100% honest I didn't realize that Jane was traveling to different dimensions until page 27 where the author wrote "...slender girl that she was already familiar with from the other dimension."  After that I paid a bit more attention and ended up counting 9 different Dimensions. 
Since I am a Sliders fan I figured that each dimension would have the same people in it.  In other words if Jane went to a Dimension there would be another Jane there.  But Irene doesn't make this clear until almost the 3rd Section of the book, Establishment of the Order (the bad group Anton leads).  On page 180 "She (Jane) started wondering about her mirror images in the other dimensions and what they were doing."  Now she's wondering!  By this point she has been to 6 different Dimensions.
   This aspect really bothered me in the 3rd Dimension where she ends up in Miami with Anton (the bad guy) and they are married.  Okay so if they are married, why dosnt' she have memories of getting married?  If there was another Jane there, what happened to her?  Why does Anton have to replace her with Jane from another Dimension?  Questions, questions and more questions.
Anton is a constant, but it is never made clear why he is obsessed with Jane.  Jane has a boyfriend in the 1st Dimension but they don't seem that serious.  However apparently they are because they are married in the 4th Dimension and Jane is blissfully happy.  Their family being torn apart is what makes up the later portion of the book.
Over halfway through the book an entire new set of characters is introduced.  These characters are going to help Jane get back to Randy. 
Finally once these new characters are introduced the question of are there multiples is clearly answered on page 224 "If you do this you must be cautions so as not to have any interactions with your other self...If you do, there is a possibility that one of you may diminish - simply disappear or enter an unknown black dimension..."  But all this made me do is wonder what Anton had done with all the other Jane's.
Long story short I think I got a little hung up on that aspect.  But then again at the very end I'm not sure what Jane from the final dimension closed out the book. 
Irene has a great idea but I think too much ended up on the cutting room floor or needs to be rearranged a bit. 
I've read a number of other reviews and most non sci-fi readers lovers really enjoy this book.  So I guess it just isn't for those of us that are going to get nitty gritty into the sci-fi physics of it all. 

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Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

Will you re-read it once it's edited (if it ever is)? I love sci-fi, too, and I haven't read anything great in the genre since The Dervish House in 2010.

Thanks so much for linking-up! I think the book's premise sounds very promising and interesting! :D

Email me about Book Club when you get the time.

Ricki Jill

Plumrose Lane said...

Oh I loved Sliders too ~ what a fun series that was!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I am re-editing it and hope to have an eBook available this summer :)( Updates with be posted on my facebook page.