Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Keys open Doors ~ COF Journal and Art Share

It's hard to believe that this is the final journal in another Circle of Friends Journal Rotation.  This round seemed to fly by, all the themes were so inspiring. 
Sandi M. selected the theme "Key's Open Doors" she provided keys and we had to use one somewhere,either on our intro page or our 3 page layout.  The intro page was for our helpful advice.
I received Sandi's journal in February and had just won Wendy's fabulous giveaway and received the silhouettes so instantly I decided to combine the elements and have my "advice" be "Key's to the Heart."
See that little black envelope, well it opens, and inside is my characters name what the key to her heart is. 
This Key opens Vesta's heart.
"I'm Vesta the key to my heart is a good home filled with laughter.  Every room holds precious memories of past generations and future loved ones.  The house may grow and under go changes but it always remains the center of my love."
Vesta is the Goddess of the Hearth and Home in Roman Mythology.
Then came my three page spread.
It was a lot of fun to make each page fit the silhouette and personality that I selected.
"Good Day,
I'm Fortuna, the Key to my heart is to be successful either by hard work or luck.  I'm a born shopper so you must have expendable cash.  But Don't get me wrong I will bring you just as much fortune as you bring to me.  Hope to meet the right one soon. 
Fortuna is the Goddess of Fortune
I hand wrote all the letters and folded them into itty bitty squares to fit into the envelopes. 
My name is Flora and the Key to my heart is Flowers.  Especially those that bloom in the spring, tulips, buttercups etc...I love Spring and want to visit every country in the Spring, experience the change of season culturally with the one I love.
Flora is the Goddess of Spring and Flowers
I think this is my favorite page, but it is so hard to decide.  They key I created for this page I think is the most original. 
My name is Fauna and the Key to my heart is long nature walks, camping, and aiding nature preserves.  I love to garden, rain or shine and all animals are my friends.  Want to spend time exploring the world God made?
Fauna is the Goddess of Nature
This is the first page of Sandi's Journal
Her key opens the door to many colorful flowers
 and her advice is to "Bee Happy"
Monica's advice is to not cage a bird
I love how she has so much empty space, that is something I could never leave alone and she does it so beautifully.
Sandy P.'s Key page is really unique, everything was created by ripping paper.
An entire town over her 3 page spread.
And each door opens to a different word spelling out
"Always look on the bright side of life!"
I love the quote Andrea selected!
The other phrases/quotes she spread across her pages are
"Follow your heart:
:being yourself is the key to freedom"
"Make your own path"
I hope you have enjoyed viewing all the wonderful Journals we at the Circle of Friends have done this year.  Our next round will start in a few months.  If you are interested stop by and check us out.  I received my journal back a few days ago and will be sharing the wonderful art soon. 


Ally White Cat said...

oh my gosh every bit of it is so beautiful so beautiful.
susan s

Nook and Cranny said...

I so love the journal you created, lots of creative beautiful pages to look at. One can tell you really must have enjoyed creating it?
Thanks for stopping by my Whoooza blog post. It is always great to have you stop by.