Thursday, February 21, 2013

Building a Pagoda ~ tutorial Part 1 of 3

Hey Gang, this month Alpha Stamps wanted its design team members to use the Banner with Swags Die-Cut Chipboard included in the kit in a project other than an ATC.
I guess living in the south and it being the month of romance a Wedding/Love Pagoda instantly came to mind. 
Let me show you how I constructed this.
Eap...can't show you anything with this mess I have.  Let me clean up a bit. 
Much better, now we are ready to get to work.  I will be presenting this tutorial in 3 parts today we are going to build a portion of the Pagoda.
Let's start by gathering our materials
Rubber Cement
Sharp Matt Knife 
Start by painting the inside of the banners and the sides with your paint dabber.
Once they are dry enough coat the other side and the paper with rubber cement and set aside.
Next determine how tall you want your Pagoda to be (without a roof).  Mine is 6" tall without the roof.  Select a dowel rod, I used a thin round one but any shape would work, make sure you have enough.
 Now very carefully cut the four posts, these must be exact or your Pagoda will wobble.  I used a saw to cut mine. 
Now paint the posts.
While the posts are drying cut out your banners, you might need to do a little sanding to get the edges nice and smooth.  Also to add some more interest rub the dabber along all the edges, making sure some of the paint gets on the paper.
Now it's time to connect the banners. 
You will need
4 Banners
Tape (I used Bookbinding tape)
Cut a piece of the tape and place half of it onto the backside of one of the banners.
But a second banner up to the side of the first banner, like you are going to hinge the two together, and firmly press the tape down.
 You will need to cut off any of the tape that is visible.
Follow this process until you get to the fourth banner.  Place a piece of tape halfway onto the 3rd banner and then paint them all. 
 Once the paint is dry, fold the banners into a square and hinge them together.
Now it's time to affix the columns, this part takes precise measurement or again you will end up with  a wobbly Pagoda.
I marked the inside of my banners about a 1/4" down from the top and that is where I place a dab of hot glue and affixed the column.
This is what is should look like up to this point.  If it is a little wobbly try sanding the bottoms of the columns until it doesn't wobble anymore. 
Tomorrow I will show you how to affix the floor and all the fabulous dangles. 


BLiSsAngELs said...

sweet! i look forwards to see what happens tomorrow

Hope you are feeling better? Hugs wendy

Jess said...

so beautiful! Can't wait to see more!

peggy gatto said...

This is fascinating and I am enjoying your tuorial!
thanks so much!