Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February Art Giveaway

Glitter Tart Designs

 Congratulations to all the winners last month!  I hope you enjoy your treats. 
This month I decided to go all Valentine themed.
Giveaway #1
3 handmade heart embellishments. 
The hearts are wood painted and sanded with crepe paper rosettes behind them. 
Giveaway #2
Heart shaped Rose Scented Bath Bombs with real rose petals
Giveaway #3
A Romantic ATC
Just leave a comment or e-mail me if you would like to be entered in the drawing to win one of these items. 

I am thrilled to say that last months giveaway was a huge success everyone contacted me and all the items are already on their way to their new homes.  I will miss them but they were getting lonely in my drawer. 
Good Luck to all!


Heather said...

ME ME ME!! :-)

Denise said...

Oh yes,Want you to know My glass jar is going out today as soon as I get dressed.It was so much fun making and it was My first.Now just have to try and get any glue off the front,maybe with a little alcohol on a q-tip? Hopping My partner is still in the game.OX Thank you for the opportunity in trying this,I've always loved other's results

Jess said...

So pretty! Me please!

Michele said...

Love your artwork!!! Please put my name in the hat!


A Vintage Fairy said...

I want in, what a great give away!

Cassie said...

What lovely selections! Thanks for the chance to win!

Jennifer said...

Definitely count me in!! Every piece is so romantic...love.