Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Focusing on the Positive

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I tend to have a hard time seeing the good that is right in front of me some days.  I've watched Art@Home "My Happy List" link party for some time and been overwhelmed believing I didn't have that many things to be happy about. 
Well today is the day that I force myself to see the positive.
1.  I'm taking this one right from Ricki,   
I want to see The Host and know that Mr. Glitter Tart will go with me if I ask so I don't have to see it by myself.

2.  Outstanding swappers
Recently I've been disappointed by the quality of swaps I've received that was until I received this additional journal (not a required item) in a swap.  Kim reminded me why I swap, because there are those swappers out there that do create marvelous pieces and share them. 
You can view the original post HERE
3.  My Family, but most recently, My Mother
who I didnt' realize how much I was leaning on until recently.  She has always been there for me but it took me 35ish years to really see and feel it. 
So there ya go, my first ever happy list.  It felt good to make it and now I can think of a ton of other things I am happy for. 
So come join Ricki and the rest of the gang and lets focus on the good.


The Junque Seeker said...

With so much negative news everyday, it can be hard to think about what makes us happy, but it's there! Glad you took some time to find yours.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Patty said...

Yes, there is a lot of happy if we look for it. I have only done one swap and it was so much fun. Thanks for visiting me and I hope you continue to join in on the party!

Linda Wildenstein said...

Hey, this is great......
Congrats on embracing the happy around you. It is darned difficult to see it sometimes but how great that you stepped out there and joined this group. Oma Linda

Jess said...

I need to do this too! I agree with you about swaps. Your work keeps me inspired and coming back, so thank you!

Jolene said...

I am glad you found the Happy. We all need to find it.

Thanks for sharing your HAPPY List.

Paula Whittaker said...

Oh I hear you about swapping....I sometimes feel I receive things that really have been chucked together without thought or care. I then wonder why I do them, especially as I put my heart and soul into everything I post out as I wouldn't like to think of some one being as disappointed as I get, obviously you aren't going to please all the people,but I think you can tell who has and who hasn't been bothered when you look at something handmade.

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

YAY!!!! This is a fantastic Happy List, Caroline. I know that it makes me feel much better to put together my crazy Happy Lists every week....I think it's good for my spirit!

Your mom is too cute. :D And yay for swappers who go beyond the call of duty!


PS I need a happy book, darn it! I'm gong to the library later this week....