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All Mixed Up ~ 2012-2013 COF Journal

Another Circle of Friends Journal Rotation has come to an end, it's always sad when they end but at the same time it means I get my journal back and get to see what everyone contributed. 
This time around my theme was
"All Mixed Up"
All Mixed Up 
Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Jack's Bean Stalk lead to Sleeping Beauty's Castle?  Or where else Alice's keys could have taken her?  Well, here's your chance to tell your story. 
Create a page mixing 2 classic Fairy Tales and/or Nursery Rhymes.  The Front page should have No words or Disney images.
On the back tell your story.  Please keep it in the style used on the front. 
You may use stories that have already been used but not the same combinations. 
Don't forget to sign your work and add to the Table of Contents page.
Alas I took this photo before the final tag was added so that blank spot is filled.
This is my page and you can see more detailed images on my original post HERE
Little Red Riding Hood was collecting flowers to take to her grandmother.  Suddenly a huge gust of wind swept her up.  It turned her around and around, finally the dark whirlwind cleared and Red was on a Yellow Brick road.
"I'm lost!" Red cried.  Her rears pool on the bright yellow bricks.
"We're off to see the Wizard."  sings a strange combination of voices.
Red looks up and coming down the path is a girl, scarecrow, a silver man and a rather handsome lion.
"Oh, Hello, I'm Dorothy," says the girl.  She leans down to help Red up.  "I love your red cape!"
"Thank you," Red replies, "and your shoes are gorgeous!"
"They were a gift," Dorothy answers.  "But the Wicked Witch of the West doesn't think I should have them and now she has a scary wolf chasing us too.
"A wolf!  There are lots of wolves in the forest near my Grandmothers house.  I wonder if one came here with me." Red says.
"You're not from here?" Dorothy asks.
"No, and I have no idea how to get home," Red says tears fill her eyes.
"Then you have to come with us.  We are off to see the Wizard; he can help us get home," Dorothy explains.
Red joins the strange group happy to have found a friend and a way home.  she decides that she will give Dorothy her red cape as a parting gift. 
Once upon a time, Cinderella's good fairy was walking through the forest biding her time waiting for the next chore she would have to complete with her magic wand.  As she was quietly meditating, a wolf jumped out from behind a tree and captured her.
"Wait, wait!" She screamed.  "If you let me go and leave me alone forever, I will grant you one wish."
The big bad wolf thought about it for a few seconds and replied. "Very well then, I am sick of being a big bad wolf and having everyone dislike me.  I wish I could be a carefree man with no worries."
"Okay," said the fairy godmother, "but if I grant this wish do you promise to leave me alone forever?"
"I do," said the Wolf. 
She waved ehr wand over him and said " area  carefree man forever."
And she walked away freely giggling at the  man she made him into..."Don't mess with me," she mumbled.
Alice was in a strange, strange place.  She did not know what to do, or where to go.  There were doors in the room, but she did not know how to access them.  She then noticed on a table a little bottle with a sign that said, "Drink Me."  As she was debating about the merits of drinking some unknown potion, she heard this constant yet distant scuttling and scratching sound.  She realized the sound was coming from a small mouse-sized hole in the wall and as she got down on the ground to peer into the hold, she discovered there were three mice in there, fully dressed, wearing sunglasses and singing a song!
"Oh my!" she exclaimed to herself.  "I would love to talk to these mice, they seem to be rather interesting", she thought, "but I'm afraid of what will happen if I drink this potion.  Will I be able to get big again...?"
Mary's Lamb and The Magi Fiddle
You've heard the story of Mary Had a Little Lamb and how it was her job to look after the little lamb and keep it out of trouble.  What most don't know is, that Mary had a secret.  You see, that little lamb was a troublemaker and every time she turned around the lamb was into it.
Mary was sitting on a wall one evening, enjoying the twilight before dark, admiring the moon, while the little lamb wandered nearby.  As she was sitting there, she heard a faint tune.  Straining her ears, the sound of a cherry violin came nearer.  Soon she saw the source of the music was a strange sort of cat strolling along the path merrily playing a violin, smiling all the while.
From the corner of her eye, she spied a streak of white.  Quickly she turned, just in time to see that troublesome little lamb leap into the sky straight for the moon.  She knew right then, that the tales of the cat with the fiddle and the cow and the moon, weren't quite as they had been told in those tales.  It would seem that the cat's fiddle was magic and would enchant any animal within hearing, as the sweet tunes played, causing them to fly through the air straight for the moon. 
Mary's Lamb finally came down, gave the cat a wink.  Then away they all went, back to their homes and lived happily ever after.
The Emperor was showing off his new clothes, once again!  He ended up walking all the way to the castle where Rapunzel lived.  She was outside and saw this naked man who clearly ignored the gasps and stares of everyone who saw him.  Feeling sorry for the Emperor Rapunzel threw out her long hair to cover up the Emperor.  her braid had to be cut off but the Emperor was so thankful for what Rapunzel had done for him he asked her to supervise the design of all his new outfits from then on.  He trusted ehr and knew he would never be seen bare in public again.  Rapunzel, while continuing to work with the Emperor, started her own design line and a shop she calls "Rapunzel's Rags."
Cinderella's Red Shoes
Yes, Cinderella did have three step sisters and a wicket step mother.  She also had a fairy godmother who gave her one wish and one wish only.  And yes, Cinderella did get in the pumpkin coach to go to the ball but on her way she saw something amazing and asked the coachman to stop.  A young girl had on a beautiful pair of red shoes and she was dancing and dancing.  The girl told Cinderella she couldn't stop no matter what.  That's when Cinderella decided to use her one wish.  She asked her fairy godmother to give her the little girls' shoes and to let them be "normal" so she could put them on and take them off whenever she wanted to dance.  The wish was granted.  The girl was so happy and Cinderella was too, for she became a very famous dancer.  People came from far, far way to see her perform.  And that's the story of how Cinderella got her red shoes.
P.S. The little girl and Cinderella still see each other and are good friends.  Cinderella did marry her Prince who loves to dance too.
This is the back cover of my journal. 
And here it is hanging on my inspiration wall. 
I am floored by all the creativity of the women in the Circle of Friends and the Journals are my favorite project we do.  This round I think was one of our best ever and I love my journal. 
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Linda Wildenstein said...

Oh this is fabulous....too wonderful and you are all so very talented and a bit quirky. Love it. Oma Linda

artwolf2009 said...

a book full of great art, enjoy

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

What a great idea...I love the theme! I want to see this book, Caroline. LOVE it!

Wendy said...

how much fun is that!! Love those projects where everyone's adding their own creations to your book. You've all done a great job, the result is wonderful. Hugs, Wendy