Monday, March 25, 2013

Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Tin ~ by Kim S.

Sometimes I wonder if the postman knew what was inside all those boxes if she would leave them for me at all.
These are the goodies I received most recently in a BlissfulARTswap from my partner Kim of Tabitha Lenox....
This is a 1 on 1 swap with the theme
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party in a Tin
Kim said "I wanted my tin to look like something you would find tucked away in an old cupboard, you slip it in your pocket and you're ready for a tea party!" and I think she accomplished that with flying colors. 
Wanna see what's inside???
The White Rabbit dashing by the Mad Hatters Tea party.
It was so hard to get a good picture, this one just doesn't do it justice.  but each little rhinestone has been grunged up just a bit and the words are
"Could you tell me please which way" at the top and the bottom "I ought to go from here?"
There are so many neat little elements on in this tin that I could go on and on.
The tea party is amazing isn't it!
I like to imagine that the story got all mixed up and the butterfly is the Caterpillar joining the tea party. 
Don't you think he would make the most interesting tea conversationalist ha!
The little tray with all the tea pots and that cup of tea and I am going to have to ask her what she used to give the gold effect on her elements.
On top of the fabulous tin she sent me this journal. 
I journal a lot!  I've already started writing in this one.  Everything she stamped and all the colors and collage images just go so well together.
And I can't get over how simply tying these lovely fibers along the side has added so much.
Thank you so much Kim!
You have no idea how precious these pieces are to me, I will cherish them always.
Now I must get to work on yours...I think I might have a secret weapon on it's way!


Kim said...

You're so very welcome, I'm so happy you love what I sent. This swap is so much fun! xo

JoAnne said...

It's always a treat to be partnered with Kim! That tin is amazing!