Monday, July 14, 2008

Soul Journaling with Sarah W.

Sarah at Caspiana has started a fabulous Soul Journal Journey and it is not to late to join in. I have been wanting to make an altered book for a while and love the idea of the journal since a little writing always seems to do me good.

So for Day 1 Sarah had us select a journal and cover 3 pages with dictionary print. I don't have a dictionary that I wanted to tear up so I used an old romance book that I have been tearing up for years, and two sheets of printed paper. One of them the writing was in red and I think it really adds a lot to my pages. I covered 3 front and back because I am better at writing sometimes than I am at art and I can write pages and pages and pages of nothing.

Here is my journal once the pages had been glued on. I decided to have clean edges on the book print. I'm sure later I will be hanging all sort of ribbons and other fabulous ephemeral all on the outside but for now I decided to keep things a little neater. After all my life is messy enough...

Here are my pages with the journaling all done. Like I said I had no trouble filling up the pages.

Sarah had a prompt for us to write here is what she said...

Then I want you to start writing on the first page over your dictionary pages. Start with the prompt: “Today I feel…” Write for at least 5 minutes and circle or rewrite any words that catch your eye in your text that describe how you are feeling. If you run out of things to say, just say what’s in your head…”today I feel stupid for listening to Sarah about this whole journaling thing…” Rewrite the prompt “today I feel…”every time you get stuck or start a new thought . Write for as long or on as many pages as you want.
So that is all for today. Tomorrow I am making a trip up to Tupelo to get some Gesso. Sarah told me I did not need this, there were other less expensive options but i have wanted to play with Gesso for a while and there is no way I am passing up an opportunity to eat at Olive Garden.
Stay tuned for the next instalment.

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Sarah Whitmire said...

Love your book so far and I'm loving the red and white paper you used. I can't wait to see how that peeks out under the Gesso!