Monday, July 28, 2008

Alpha Stamp Fabric Cocktail Napkins

This week over at One Powerful Hour the challenge was "unfinished Projects" We were to work on them for about 45 minutes and then clean up.

Unfortunately this theme did not go over very well...I guess I am the only person with unfinished projects littering her work table. Oh well.

I decided to work on my Cocktail napkins for Alpha Stamps. A while back Leslie sent me these fabulous fabric collage sheets to "test" So far I have washed the images a couple different ways, tested iron temperatures, how to sew them and a few other fabric essentials. And let me tell you matter what mistakes you make these Collage sheets live up to their fine name.

I made the mistake of washing one of the sheets before ironing/heat setting and they didn't even fade that much! Now that is amazing!

Okay back to the napkins. I decided to use 4 small images of different wine posters circa 1920s (???) They are very detailed and unfortunately that was lost with the photographs. The stamping is all done with a dark brown fabric ink.

Since the goal of One Powerful Hour was to get as much done in an hour as possible, I did not finish the napkins. I still need to sew them shut and I want to add a few seed beads in between the leaf pattern on the section of the napkin that will be used.

the first picture is what stage the napkins were in before I started the challenge. The second is where they were at the end of the hour and the third is a close up. I had a lot of fun with this challenge and feel like I accomplished a lot even though I am not finished with the napkins. I am sorry that more people didn't join. A lesson learned.

The upcoming theme this week is Christmas in July...I hope that you will join me for that this Thursday.

I hope you enjoy viewing my napkins...I can't wait till they are done so that I can "test" use them :)


Annapurna said...

These are neat. Great idea.
Hun! it is not because I don't have unfinished projects, I have so many can't figure out which one to choose. Don't worry, I will make a decision before Wed and make something out of it.

arlene said...

Wow. These are really great. I need to check out Alpha Stamps...I sense a new obsession!

xo arlene in alberta

Zuzu's Blog said...

what a super idea.. I think they will be stunning when you have completed them.. well done Caro X