Friday, July 18, 2008

Soul Journaling Day 6

Today Sarah had us do the following:

Today we are going to cut our magazine images out to be small squares. Don’t get caught up with the perfect measurement but they should be approximately 1x1”. If you want to you can measure the first one to get an idea of size but eyeball the rest. OK? :)

Now to attach your squares to your page. Use a grid pattern arranging the images in any order that you like. If your journal is small you may not use them all. If your journal is big you may have more white space and want to add a few more squares. I am going to attach mine using matte medium under and over the images to protect them. If you don’t have matte medium, you can use any glue you have handy.

You will be amazed how beautiful these tiny random images start to become as you place them on a page together. Do you see any themes happening? Do you see any stories? Play with the arrangement and see how themes can change.

I had a really hard time free handing the 1 x 1 squares...mainly because I spent years and years working with very precise measurements. But I think I let go quite well for me at least. I cut out a 1 x 1 inch square and put that over the portion of the images I wanted to use and marked the corners then I cut as close to those markers as possible. If I had not been instructed to "be free" I would have pulled out my exacto blade and my clear ruler and gotten them all perfect.

since "free" was kinda the theme least that is how I viewed it. I decided that perfect grids would be boring and I put a few of my squares catywompus. I selected the flower and a favorite color to catywompafy.

I thought when I was cutting them out that I would end up just putting them in order but I did start to play with the arrangements and all but one of the rows I made has a theme.

left hand page
Row 1: Body Parts
Row 2: Squares with writing on them, this includes #13 something I want, #7 something exotic and #3 a chair. My something exotic was a mother of pearl necklace with calligraphy on it
Row 3: Nature Items, this includes #8 a leaf, #11 a flower and #2 something beautiful which was a bird cage being used as a flower holder.
Row 4: My no theme row but he number I chose I did put in the #12 spot

Right hand page
Row 1: Animals, this includes #23 a butterfly which I replaced with a dragonfly, #14 something you own and #12 a bird...this is my favorite image
Row 2: Things that are red, this includes #6 something comfortable, flip flops, #9 a color you love and #4 something red
Row 3: This is all the letters R, A and T
Row 4: Things that are blue, this includes #17 something that tastes good, #5 something blue and #10 a pattern.

The final image is our homework, she wanted us to find all the tape we could that was not clear. I am waiting for DH to get home to tell me where he hides all his colored electrical tape...I know he has it after all he is an Electrical Engineer...


Christy said...

those catywompus squares are too cute! love that you ended up with themes. i too had thought i would just put mine in order, but then had to change them around trying for an overall balance of color. fun stuff.
is that a printed duck tape in your picture? huh, that is the coolest thing ever!

Jacky said...

Your page looks great and I love how you have put a few of the squares skewiff!! Looks quirky.

I am a little behind you girls and will post that page tomorrow. Thus far I have just done a colour wash on the page, but once its dry the squares will be "arranged".

Zuzu's Blog said...

this is great watching this grow step by step. great work Caro x

KathrynAntyr said...

Love the background - good color and texture. I don't think I have any duct tape...I'll stop by your place for the next challenge.

I just joined the crusade. Although I am a bit behind, I do have my SOUL ARMOR posted. Swing by and try it on.

Ruby Claire. said...

WOW yours is so awesome!
I so LOVE how it's coming together!! It sounded so good that i had to do it too! I checked out her blog and have done one too over at my blog :) It is so fun!!
I love how you have grouped them together like that! :D