Sunday, July 20, 2008

Soul Journal Day 7 and 8

Well, Day 7 was a ruff one for me...underneath all the tape you see Sarah had us do the following...

Get comfortable, take some deep breathes, clear your mind and then fill at least both pages with the prompt “I forgot to tell you…”Be as honest and open as you can knowing that we are going to cover this up and no one will ever read it. If you get stuck rewrite your prompt “I forgot to tell you…”

Before I was done writing I was can sometimes come crashing down on you and you can hold it in and then given the right prompt it can explode out of you...and that is exactly what happened.

Before Day 7 was over we covered our writing with Tape. I used a few different kinds, a metal tape, Duct tape that looks like camouflage, masking tape and two different fabric tapes, the black on with numbers and then a jungle one with leopard print and flowers all over it.

I also did not cover all of my writing. I wanted the prompt Sarah gave us to show through so there is no tape over "I forgot to tell you"

Day 8 was all about dressing up the tape. We started by sanding the tape in all different directions...this was to help the paint stick.

Next we dry brushed Gesso on...and guess what, this time I had Gesso to use. So this is my first time using my Gesso I thought I used a good amount it did cover the non fabric tapes well. I think the fabric tape actually absorbed or repelled it...I'm not 100% sure.

Oh, before I started painting I circled the prompt from yesterday to it stands out a bit more.

After the Gesso dried we sanded again and then used acrylic paint to paint over all the pages. I found two red paints that were fairly close in color and once again the fabric tapes resisted or absorbed the paint.

Before finishing I sanded one last time to bring out more of the silver tape.

NOTE: If you are going to use a fabric tape be very careful when sanding, the sand paper catches the edges and pulls up the tape very easily.

this is a close up of two of the fabric tapes. there is masking tape slightly above the number 1. See how much more paint covered it. I promise I used the same amount of paint everywhere.

As homework Sarah wanted us to press a flower. Well, it is just to darn hot here for flowers. The only one i could find is a gigantic magnolia blossom that looks like it has seen better day's, I hope it works. I had to cut a lot of it off in order to get it to lay flat. I guess only tomorrow will tell.


Sarah Whitmire said...

I love that the fabric tape didn't take the paint, it looks really neat. It sounds like you picked a heafty flower, try placing a few heavy books on top of your journal over the next few nights. That should help the flower press.

I felt the same way about the prompt the first tme I used it. Hope your feeling a little better.



Miss Oddity said...

I love how your journal is coming along. There are no flowers here because it is too cold! I'm using it as a good excuse to go buy a bunch of flowers for the house ... not that there should ever need to be an excuse for being surrounded by flowers

Christy said...

Wow. It sounds like todays prompt was a pretty good one and yet hard one for you. Good you got all of that out and on the paper. Love your fabric tape. I didn't know this existed and I want some. I love the effect and your paint color LOL

Ruby Claire. said...

WOW i love the colour of that pink!! Yours turned up so GREAT!!
i LOVE it!!
WHOOPS forgot about the flower!!
Off to get it!

Linda said...

Isn't it amazing how this tape page changes as you go through each stage? I love your close up photo - what great textures... and a gorgeous choice of colour!
I can't wait to find out what we do with it next!
Linda x

Mary S Hunt said...

the transformation for these pages are incrdeible...i suppose it went on for everyone particpating...but you documented it...i love that!