Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Favorite Song

This week Arty Girlz Challenge is...

We would like you to use your 'Favourite Song' as inspiration for your creations this week.

How does one choose a favorite song? Esecially when they are addicted to music like I am. So here is what I did. I selected a song that's poetry I find lovely and beat mesmerising. I selected the song Faster Than Angels Fly by Big and Rich. I can't find it to play so here are the lyrics

A modern day Romeo and Juliet American tragedy
Low rent, High rise lovers who met at the end of Coronado Street
Crucifixes made in California gold
Two worlds bound to collide
Heaven can't help you if you go
Faster than angels fly

Well they burn the candle at bothe ends
As they danced into the flame
Making love and making plans
Driving Mother Mary insane
Strong as the beads of a rosary
Never too young to die
Some souls only know one speed
Faster than angels fly
Ghost-haunted barrio in Hollywood
Graffiti stained wailin' wall
Dead-end street gang up o no good
But to make a retribution call
Sweet innocence caught in crossfire's fate
Too late to draw the line
Bullets can blow your dreams away
Faster than angels fly

Repeat chorus:
They were still holding hands
When all hell broke loose
They both left this world
With more than most true lovers do

Repeat chorus:
Strong as the beads of a rosary
Never too young to die
Some souls only know one speed
Faster than angels fly

Hope you enjoy!

Please stop by my new Challenge Blog...One Powerful Hour...I hope to see your pieces this coming up thursday!


Elisabeth said...

Beautiful piece! :wink:

Barbara Hagerty said...

What a wonderful card!

Julie said...

This is gorgeous and is a great take on your favourite song

Thanks for joining in with the Arty Girlz challenge once again xx

CraftyC said...

This is gorgeous!!

danemi1 said...

how amazing - really beautiful


kath said...

Beautiful card and great take on your song

mueppi said...

Wow..... was für eine tolle Karte!

truutske said...

The are brilliant....so great work.

Hane said...

What a lovely card and song ! I also like your other works too, great cards !