Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Soul Journal Day 3/4

Sarah wanted to give some of us a chance to catch up and to really think about her next task. So day 3 and 4 were dedicated to

Critiques and how do we protect our Creative Soul?

The questions that she prompted us with were:

"I want you to think about what you need to protect and nourish your creative spirit. Think about the things that sustain you. What’s needed to shield you from outside criticism and your inner critic?"

Sarah selected a fabulous coat of armor as her pictorial protection for her creative soul. I have always loved Greek/Roman mythology so the Goddess Athena instantly came to mind. She is the goddess of Wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. all things that in my opinion I have at some level and that need protection from critiques.

But Athena is just my guard. I need a place to go to when I am feeling uneasy and ridiculed, and what embodies imagination, beauty, culture, music, colors and many other things that I love more than a Secret Garden.

So my Armor is the wall to my Secret Garden but walls were meant to be broken down and that is why I have watch over my walls as they are bombarded by the outside world.

The only rule that Sarah is enforcing on this particular journal page is that we must incorporate our answers to the above question in our art.

After much consideration I decided that I need constant growth in order to shield me from outside an dinner critics...if I feel like I am always learning and trying new things then I feel like I am always improving and there is no way anyone can look negatively on someone that is always striving to better themselves.

As to the question what I need when I am under siege...well I need a lot of things but they are mostly the typical answers. My Family and Friends, I need quiet/alone time to remember who I am, I have a passion for loosing myself in books so I must have time to read, above all I need the sanity that my imagination brings to this world and then there is always my Faith. Without these things I would not be who I am nor would I be able to face the hardships of everyday life.

I hand wrote my answers to these question around Athena in silver paint pen. And along the top of the page i silver embossed "Behind the Walls of my Secret Garden"

I hope that my armor holds up today. I am suppose to find out if I earned a position on a design team. The company said they would let us know by the 16th...I have been holding my breath and cheeking my e-mail all day long.

Hope you enjoy my page
As always I am open to any and all types of comments.


Sarah Whitmire said...

Oh Wow! Your Athena is perfect. I love the reasons behind your choice and the addition of your garden.

I'm not sure what team you're referring to but I'll cross my fingers for you. If for some reason you don't get picked, try to not take it personally. It doesn't mean that your art is bad or that they don't like you. They usually try and find the best matches of style for their products and usually like to take people from a variety of backgrounds. For instance with AS they have one quilter, several scrap bookers and several more inclined to mixed media. There were lots of amazing artists turned down just because they needed a variety of different approaches to the products.



Christy said...

I love your hero. What a fabulous choice. Best wishes to you about the design team.
I just love your color choice for your gesso substitute. I never remember when at the store to pick up this color and yet whenever I see it on someones work I wish I had some! Adding sand to your acrylic mix is perfect. You didn't say but I'm guessing it worked as I can't imagine it not working.

Cheeka said...

Now here is what I am loving about this journey we're on together - I never would have thought of Athena - but how perfect! Gave me new things to think about. And to meet a new glitter-sister - wow! If anything sits still long enough, I'll glitter it - even thinking about glittering the dogs sometimes but I think that wouldn't make them very happy!
Good luck with the design team! I'll keep my toes crossed for you! Peace out! Cheeka aka Trish

Fiona Whitehead said...

This is such a stunning piece - and I enjoyed reading about how you put it all together and what it means to you. Thanks for sharing all that - I'll keep popping back to see how your journal is going.

blueskysunburn said...

I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one that chose a female for my armor! I felt like a total oddball.

I've yet to finish my page. I keep trying to think if something to glue behind her I'm coming up empty. I like the weaving images you used behind her. It looks like castle walls!

Anonymous said...

How very fun!! I just came across your Soul Armor page (featuring Goddess Athena) - and wow! That was who I picked for my Soul Armor page, too! How fun! I like what you've done by using her as a guardian for your garden!