Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Soul Journal Day 2

Today's Task is: "Claiming Our Journals"

Before we could do anything we had to dry brush Gesso over the pages we made yesterday. Unfortunately Gesso is not in my arsenal of art supplies...But have no fear I ordered some this morning.

Instead of Using Gesso I selected the lightest colored Acrylic paint that I had, a warm cream tone, and I mixed in some iridescent gold pearl ex and some sand. I did the pearl ex because I like things to shimmer and the sand because everything Ive read about Gesso says it has a tooth...I thought sand would give the paint some tooth
...I guess we shall see.

I am not sure that I dry brushed enough on. this was the first time i have ever dry brushed and I had to look up some techniques to use. What I found was that older, stiffer brushes work better and that you need to get rid of most of the paint that you pick up on your brush before you touch it to the project. I wiped off the excess onto paper towels.

The projects that use Gesso that I have seen you can not see the writing as well as you can on mine. I'm sure mine is fine but it does look very different.

The Next step was the actual claiming of our journal here is what Sarah asked us to do.

Stamp or write “This Book belongs to: “ at the top of your page. Write your full name underneath that. Then write it again and again until you have filled the page with your name. Use different fonts. Be Creative. Be free. Doodle around your name with hearts and flowers. Add glitter. Anything you wish. I want anyone who picks this book up to know WHO it belongs to. This is YOUR book!!

After I had doodled my name a few times I realized that I would not be
who I am without a few titles...so here are the ones that I added and then signed my name next to them.

K's Wife
Kudzoo's Mom
M and S's Daughter
M's Older sister
Aspiring Artist

And of course I had to add more shimmer so I spritzed the entire page with Glimmer Mist in an iridescent gold.

I have not had this much fun, nor have I doodled since high school. it brought back memories of my Physic Book. For some reason I did my best doodling when ignoring my Physic's professor...and somehow I still passed the class!

I am very pleased with how I claimed my journal and I can not wait for day 3!

Hope you enjoy


Zuzu's Blog said...

this is turning out really nicely.. well done .. nice dry brushing too ;-)

Z x

Altered Route said...

I love the garden goddess and the colorful use of flowers!!