Monday, July 14, 2008

All Things ____________ Shaped

I was the hostess for the last Circle of Friends Swap and I selected a theme of "All Things _________ shaped" Members could fill in any shape they wanted to and the piece they made had to display that shape and leave no question as to what shape it was.

Wow did the ladies really think outside of the box or square!

1. Sue used a lovely square shaped stamp and used it over and over. I love the warm colors of this one and the piece is just so much fun to look at.

2. Andrea also used a square stamp but hers is much smaller and she made a little notebook for all of use to use and personalized it with our first letters!

3. Anna chose all things Tea shaped...a woman after my heart...I've already had my tea that came in the tea pot shaped card! To see more of her fabulous work go HERE

4. I selected Key's and had the most fun with the skeleton shaped lock, I got to make it look real!

5. Janice was inspired by her nautical surroundings and used triangles! I wish I was somewhere where I could look at boats all day! I think this one is my favorite!

6. Nancy did a fabulous flower for us all using ovals...I love the little bird stamp she used. To see more of Nancy's work go HERE

7. Sandi did beautiful soft pastels and lots of inspirational words. Reading hers makes me feel like I can do anything.

8. Elisabeth knocked this project out of the park! She chose the shape rectangle and gathered yummy yummy candies that are all rectangle shaped and put them in a rectangular baggie! To see more of Elisabeth's work go HERE


Elisabeth said...

I was wowed when I got the swap in the mail. As always, the ladies did a fabulous job!

Annapurna said...

They are all awesome. It is interesting to see how each of us interpret one challenge in a different way. Hope you liked the tea.

Love the slide show.