Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Soul Journal Day 10

Today Sarah had us do the following:

Today we are going to recreate our home. This can be where you currently live or a home from your past where you felt happiest and safest.

So I grabbed my all purpose brown sharpie and went at it. I decided to go with a very basic house shape b/c drawing is not really my forte and on the right hand page I drew a city scene, mainly b/c I felt more comfortable with that type of drawing.

Next Sarah had us make a pocket out of a brown paper bag. I use brown paper bags all the time, mostly to wrap books that I am mailing but it looks like I may have a new use. Sarah briefly said she makes entire books out of paper bags...this intrigues me greatly...must look into it further.

And that was all for Day 10. She told us not to get to detailed in our drawing...thank goodness :)


Mary S Hunt said...

coming along nicely...i am about as far along as this
i hope to catch up quick

Elisabeth said...

I love your doodling!! You make it look so easy!! =) I haven't seen a brown grocery bag in years....we usually get the plastic bags so we can use them as liners in our bathroom trash cans and I use them for the kitty box.

But I do remember covering my school books in them and doodling all over them. =)

Dawn said...

your doodling is much better than I could ever do or should I say have the patience to do. Pretty cool challenge and neat idea with the brown bags.

jami said...

Your houses are wonderful.

VirginiaW said...

Loving your journal.....Great way to get out of your comfort zone...