Monday, July 21, 2008

Soul Journaling Day 9

Today Sarah had us go back and revisit the "Magazine Inchie" page.

She said we were going back because

The reason I am working back and forth is that nothing I ever do in this journal will ever really be what you may consider “Finished”. I want it to be constantly growing and changing. As new insights and ideas are awakened in me I want to be able to go back into my journal and add to it. Give yourself permission to take on another page or another 10 pages all at the same time.

She asked us to paint over the images with a lighter shade of paint. I selected a Lemonade yellow which ended up looking more like a cream. Unfortunately I wish I had not put any additional paint on my pages and just doodled, which was her next request.

When I picked up my marker to doodle I forgot that Sarah wanted us to do some specific things

Now grab a pen or marker and:
Write 8 words describing your pictures.
Circle one picture
Draw a messy square around four
Draw a dotted line around two
Draw a broken “stitch” line around one

Opps...but I like my doodling so I am all good with not following the instructions here...i let the page and my mood take me where it did.

Because I added sand to my acrylic paint days and days ago it was hard to write and doodle. i just had to let go of the neat look I normally go for and let the bumps in the paper take the marker where they did.


KathrynAntyr said...

It looks like you have a fun time doodling. I'm really getting into doodling too on my pages.

VirginiaW said...

Loving your journal.Looks amazing..

Altered Route said...

I had some of your same thoughts...the original choosen color went well with the 1x1's(as did mine), but the paint does soften the edges of the cuts. I enjoyed your doodleing! ....and I sure like how your taped pages turned out!

Linda said...

Hi - thanks for your kind comments! I felt the same as you about these pages; I wasn't sure I wanted to paint over my background so I only did it on one of the pages. Now I'm happy with both.
Isn't this a great project?
I'm enjoying looking at your blog.
Best wishes

Jacky said...

I messed up with inchies too but I feel that Sarah wont mind too much and it adds to our own personal journal.

Your taped pages look great. Some of your girls are just so creative.

Love how you challenged yourself with the Gothic Arch - it looks fantastic. Well done!

Ruby Claire. said...

LOVING the look of your atm!! YEEHHA i say GO WILD! :D

Christy said...

I love that you got carried away and thus didn't follow the prompts perfectly. I think that is the essence of what Sarah wanted us to do :)
I wonder, could you have sanded away some of the sand? I need to get some sand and play with it in paint. You have inspired me!

Zuzu's Blog said...

i like the effect with the paint over .. and I love the doodles.. it does maen theat stuff is facing further and further back though doesnt it .. and if its stuff you want seen then I guess thats a shame ..

Jane B. said...

I agree- I don't think we're supposed to follow the rules - I think we're supposed to get carried away with them, and you did a lovely job of personalizing your page because of it! Thank you for sharing your art with us. Jane