Saturday, May 14, 2011

Here Comes the Bride's present...

Today is my cousin's wedding day, yahoo yahoo, it's the beginning of her Happily Ever After! So what better way to start it than with not only a fabulous present (that will remain a secret because I don't know when she is opening stuff) but with a fabulously wrapped present?

A very good friend of mine, the one that calls me her Yoda, so I guess that makes her my Padawan learner, helped me with this one. When I say help, I guess I mean I told her what to do and she did it so she learned while doing. But some of the elements were her idea, the black ribbon running the way it does was all her!

After the ribbon was placed we needed something large enough to fill the gap between. I pulled out some gold fabric and taught her how to turn it into a flower. Then asked her to add an element of sophistication by sewing on the pearls. Placement was entirely up to Michelle.

After that we found a center for the flower. Originally the black pearl broach had a rhinestone as it's center. We popped it out and placed in one of the pearls we had used.

The final touch on the actual flower was to trim the edges with gold glitter, this will also help with fraying.

To make it really stand out and to still fill in some space we added 3 gigantic fabric leaves, some gold glittered branches and a black feather or two.

Overall this is the most stunning wedding present I have ever seen and I am so proud of Michelle for putting it together and for me for being able to teach her to create something like this. I know my cousin is going to love it, and if not I know her mom does because she already told me.

Congratulations my dear Cousin...have a great day and I can't wait to call you Mrs!

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