Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Behind the Fence

This is my second page for the Alpha Stamps yahoo Group swap Fairy Garden Book. My first page Grant Me Wings can be viewed HERE. A quick recap, we had to use an image of a fairy and the chipboard book along with including one 3D item.

For this page I wanted to create a picket fence for the fairy to be walking along. The fence is made out of sticks, like pop sickle sticks but without the rounded ends. I took a sharp matt knife to them to ruff them up at bit and then painted them with tim holtz crackle paint. Once that was dry I added a touch of brown ink to give it a more distressed look. To build the fence I used two long pieces layed horizontal and then cut the other sticks to various sizes, spacing them out till I achieved the look I was going for.

I selected an image from the green fairy collage sheet found HERE. To add some umph to her I beaded her belt and attached a set of German scrap wings. She is 3Ded on the background.

I made these little hummingbirds a while back using a technique Laura showed us on her blog Artfully Musing. They are made of paper clay. Once they were dry I brushed them with some brown inks and then coated him with some warm ice glitter before sealing him and placing him on the fence. I had a set for sale in my Etsy store but it got snagged...I am working on getting some more uploaded. If you are interested drop me a note and I'll send them directly to you (no silly Etsy charges).

To hide that the image was not large enough to cover the entire chipboard page I cut strips from the top and bottom of the image. It was much taller than it was wider. And glued those to the side before adding the flowers I had cut.

The finishing touches on this page are the fibers ribboned through the fence, I was hoping they would end up looking like vines.

I love my fence and hope whoever receives this page loves it too.

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bes53913 said...

Caroline, this is beyond beautiful! I love the fence, very clever how you made it. I have the Green Fairies sheet and love that image but just couldn't figure out how to use it, because it is so tall. You used it perfectly. Are the flowers from the Graphic 45 papers? They're very pretty, and the fibers really tie it all together (no pun intended)! I would be thrilled to find this in my return package!