Monday, May 2, 2011

Grant me Wings

Alpha Stamps latest Swap with the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group is a Fairy Garden Book Swap. Participants were asked to use the chipboard book, make 4 pages and include a Fairy image and something 3D. There was no way I was passing this swap up!

This is my first page. I will be uploading the others over the next few days, time seems to not be on my side these days. A few months ago I was lucky to receive an ATC by Laura from Artfully Musing, she had created a wand that took the cake, in my opinion. So I decided to do the same here. Mine is a toothpick painted silver with a string of beads hanging from it all hidden by a punched out flower I glittered and a small blue flower. To me, this is the key element of this page, it makes everything work.

For the background I used the entire Fairy Image, although it was not quite large enough to cover the chipboard so I painted the sides to give it the right color. Then I kaleidoscope embossed a swirl all over. Once that was done I added the 3D elements, the fairy which I accented with glitter, the little girl and the wand.

I'm a big fan of framing my pieces in some fashion so I pulled out my sewing machine and made a ruffle out of twall, glued it down and then added the vine, which I accented with glitter. As a final touch I distressed some blue flowers, added some clear pebbles to their centers and attached them.

The backs of all of mine are similar, I hate leaving it just covered in pretty paper so I made a rosette, dusted it with coordinating colors, attached the fabulous fairy (one of my favorite stamps by Alpha Stamps) and then added my information.

I really enjoyed this swap and can't wait to show you the rest of my creations.


Artfully Musing said...

It's beautiful! Laura

Ink-Pattie said...

absolutely gorgeous! I was feeling pretty good about mine, but now I'm was a fun set of pages to make, though!