Saturday, May 21, 2011

Boite D'Allumettes Swap

A few days ago I posted about mailing out my Boite D'Allumettes Swap to my MAMA partner. Well, she received the box so now I can share it with all of you. To see the shipping box that went along with this swap go HERE.

This is my first ever large matchbox and I had a wonderful time creating this piece.

The idea hit me right away, I think it is because I've been cruising some really lovely Shabby Chic blogs recently and I wanted to stick with that color pallet.

When I checked out my partners blog, Roses in Water, she used a lot of blues, pink, and purples so to make up for the lack of color I filled the box with goodies that fit into her color pallet that I hope she can use.

I used a lot of techniques that I have learned from Laura at Artfully Musing on this box. The frame on the top of the box is one of those, I made a mold, then created a paper clay frame, sanded it down, painted it white then brushed it with various brown toned inks. To add some bling I dusted it lightly with a white shimmery pearl ex powder and sealed the frame with a high gloss sealant. I made some extras and hope to have them in my etsy store soon.

Like I mentioned the idea hit my right off and once I get an idea in my mind I have a hard time adjusting it. The carriages were key and of course an element I didn't have so I had to go hunting. I started by checking out what The Graphic Fairy had to offer, she has some lovely carriages but they weren't what I envisioned. So off to Etsy I went where I discovered a new store that I lurve! Graphique. Their images are gorgeous and the information packet they send out is very detailed, great for beginners or a seasoned image alterer. The image I purchased from them is called the Cinderella coach but I think it works for Marie also.

I shrunk the carriage down, altered the color to sepia and printed it out. Next I added the glitter, some of the carriage I left in a strip and over stamped the french words, affixing this to the side of the matchbox. On top of those I 3Ded a set of carriage.

The entire matchbox is seated onto a piece of foam core that I cut an inch larger so that I could create a cobble stone road. I used glitter as mortar and added some pearls here and there.

For the short sides of the matchbox I painted it white then dusted it with brown inks and stamped it with a crackle stamp. I used Tim Holtz distressing ink because I love the soft tone it gives once it is fully dry.

The Fleur de leis are also paper clay bits that I created a mold for using Laura's tutorial. They are painted and sealed the same as the frame on the top.

As a finishing touch on the sides I wrapped a silk ribbon that I had died and crinkled all the way around the box. So when you slide the inside out the ribbon decorates the entire thing.

I really wanted some miniature carriage wheels to place the entire piece on but I couldn't find any and I was starting to wonder how I would be able to attach them, because of course I wanted them to work. So I settled for some flat crystal marbles.

For the top I aged some paper flowers and twisted a cream ribbon all down the sides. I also added a few stones and pearls here and there.

The image inside the frame is behind a piece of transparency film that I stamped the same crackle background stamp on that I used for the sides, I wanted the transparency to look like old glass.

You can see some of the goodies I included inside the box. There are a bunch of ribbons and some collage images and a few other items under the flowers and pearls.

Of course I wanted to send her some fabric because it looks like she is a fabulous seamstress from her blog so that is what I used as packaging material.

I hope she enjoys her box because I enjoyed making it for her!


JoAnne said...

LOVE this box Caroline! How funny, I just found Graphique this past week and purchased a bunch of images.
Can't wait to see what you come up with for Treasures of the Sea!

John said...

Caroline I love your matchbox the frame on top is so pretty and the carriages along the sides is so creative. I'm sure Wanda will be thrilled to receive such a lovely treasure with wonderful surprises inside it! thanks for sharing!

debi said...

Caroline, your matchbox is over-the-top amazing!! Absolutely gorgeous!

Wanda said...

Caroline, thanks again for my match box. The pictures you took are very lovely. I love the carriages, so very cute. I sent yours last Thursday, if you haven't got it yet it should come soon. TTFN