Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fairies through the Glass

This is the last of my four Fairy book pages for the Alpha Stamps Fairy Garden Book Swap. My other pages are Grant Me Wings, Behind the Fence, and Come Not Near our Fairy Queen. I can't wait to get the returns, you can view all of the participants entries HERE at the Alpha Stamps Gallery.

Real quick review of the requirements. Participants were asked to feature a fairy, use a 3D item and build it on the chipboard book.

If you've been following me lately you might have noticed a new trend. I have been using a lot of natural, or found in nature items in my art. This piece is no exception, I used moss to fill in the space around the image.

The inspiration for this piece was mainly the image but it was also a scene from the movie The Secret of NIMH at a point the camera (or drawings) pan into or out of the boys bedroom window which is a large/thick coke bottle bottom. I wanted to make It look like my fairies were inside a room in the woods. I used a sheet of transparency film that I sewed on, before closing it all the way I added a few seed beads, so they move around when you pick up the piece.

The sewing showed so I added a green fiber which I wish I hadn't, it didn't go on an nicely as I wanted so it makes the roundness I was going for a bit scewed. Then I added the moss, there are places you can see through it but that's okay because I built the entire thing on a decorative paper.

There are lots of hidden details in the moss, mostly these little butterflies, but also the decorative paper behind the moss has a lot of interesting things on it.

The finishing touches on this page include some paper flowers and the gold Dresden, which was not easy to put on since the shape is not square. When it was all put together I trimmed the moss so it doesn't stick out beyond the edges of the page, but it does curl up onto the image of the Fairies.

I had a great time making these pages and I learned a lot and used a lot of new techniques. I can't wait to get my returns!

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Holly Moore said...

Caroline wow! I have so enjoyed looking at your blog. These fairy pages are simply AMAZING.
Hugs, Holly