Monday, May 16, 2011

Boite D'Allumettes Swap Goes Postal

Just got back from mailing out the most recent swap I am taking part in with the Marie Antoinette Mail Art group. The swap is titled, Boite D'Allumettes and participants were to decorate a matchbox in the Marie style and fill it with goodies for our partner.

I was paired up with Wanda from Roses In Water and got right to work. But I'm not going to show anyone what I did until Wanda gets it...I know I'm so bad, but I thought I would give you a taste of what she will be receiving. This is the box I shipped Wanda's swap in.

I painted the box a soft linen shade and then stamped the cracked stamp all over in a medium shade of brown ink. If you use a Tim Holtz distress ink they do something really cool, they kind of seep into the paint/box and take on a very soft look that I love, it is great for backgrounds.

Next I stamped the Eiffel lower all over but my stamp was too tall for the box so I angled it, so the Eiffel tower kinda meats the Leaning Tower of Pisa on this box. As a finishing touch I cut, glittered and glued the fabulous carriage images on. I just love this image, purchased it from Graphique on Etsy, please check out their images they are wonderful!

I had a great time on this swap, even though I think I am more nervous about this one than I was the Tea Cup Swap. Keep your eye's out for the post on what I put into this shipping should be long I mailed it priority!


Holly Moore said...

Wowsa Caroline, the shipping box is so completely amazing, and I can't wait to see what things you sent inside. Divine... those glittery coaches and the crackle stamps. (Gonna have to put that on my list for sure!)
Hugs and love,

Becs said...

Caroline the box is lovely! I can't wait to see pics of what is inside!!! Becs

Terri said...

OMGOODNESS! This is amazing! I can hardly wait to see the inside. Well done!

debi said...

OMG Caroline! Your mailing boxes are a gift in themselves! Gorgeous!

Hey, would you send me a box? An empty one will be fine! tee hee