Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Divas de Mayo ~ A Swapping Fiesta! What I sent

Yesterday I shared the wonderful goodies I received in this months PBS Diva Swap. You can view the fabulous items I got HERE. My swap partner received the box I sent yesterday also so I can now share them with all of you.

Margaret said in her profile that she loves the 60's colors and she is a fabulous cook, alas I don't know this first hand but she made it to the finals of a very tough cooking competition and she is always sharing wonderful recipes with us Diva's.

The twist this month was to include something in our boxes that was "Festive" well, I went a bit overboard. I wanted to send her some outdoor entertaining things to fancy up her dinner parties outside and was cruising one of my regular stores when I saw this apron, inspiration struck and I hit the sewing machine running.

I shoved the apron in my purse and headed to the local fabric store. It took a little looking but I found some nice fabrics that I thought went well, there was nothing that was spot on. I got them cut and was getting ready to check out when I walked by the rick rack display and like a lightning bolt my design just kept getting hotter! So I picked up some rick rack and headed home.

I selected 6 different fabrics, 2 yellows (they were the hardest), 2 greens, and 2 browns.

This is my very first set of napkins where I didn't attach a boarder and it is also my very first set of tea/hand towels. Everything is double sided because lets face it no one wants to look at the back of fabric, it's just not pretty.

The n's are all hand cut applique's that I ironed on using stitch witchery. And I sewed the rick rack as well as glued it (don't want it to frey).

Margaret said that I got the colors perfect to match the rest of her decor. I really hope I did and she's not just being sweet. I love these and had a great time making them. I hope she gets years and years of use out of them.

The other items that I sent were citronella candles to keep those pesky bugs away, some fun outdoor twinkle lights and a holder for wine glasses and a bottle of wine that you steak into the ground. It looked like a ton of fun!

Till next time!

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Burlap Luxe said...

Thank you friend for joining in on the giveaway! I am a follower of you as well! I peek in here and there but I need to leave you some comments girl :)

I am inspired as well with your creative talent over here :)

Thanks againf for visiting and commenting!