Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Art Share ~ Garden Fairy Book Alpha Stamps Swap returns

Today I received a wonderful collection of Fairy Book pages in the mail!

These are the returns from the Alpha Stamps Yahoo Group swap with the theme, Fairy Garden. I am thrilled with what I received. You can see all the pages HERE at the Alpha Stamps Gallery.

The first piece I am sharing with you is from Nicole of The Pisces Princess.

There are so many fun additions to this page. I'll start with the little butterfly, it's behind a clear acrylic tag that adds a great effect. The fairy has been dabbed with alcohol inks and so has the wand which make them fit into the overall piece better, not so blaring gold. The wand also has glitter on it! I am not sure what she cut the butterfly out of but it has a fabulous texture, crinkled but not. The Collage image is mounted on pretty background paper and I think she used some tissue paper sticker as the books binding.

The real surprise is inside! Yep, the book opens. The edges of the book have been roughed up so you get the impression that this really was taken into the field. She included three pages inside, all strapped in with a piece of German scrap that has been rubbed with Alcohol inks. The first page is the image of a butterfly, then there is a book page with butterflies stamped all over it and finally a sheet that looks like paper with Field Notes stamped on the top.

I love the pink fabric she used behind the book, she cut it into think strips. It is a wonderful addition.

The second page I received is from Teri Steele.

It is a fabulous paper collage that every time I look at I see something different/new. I believe she stamped on a decorate background paper and then added a bit of color in a few places. There are a bunch of 3D stickers all over the place. And the collage images are 3Ded also with added glitter to their wings. A lovely paper flower and some vine ribbon complete the front of her page.

She took the time to do an intricate collage on the back as well, which I love. Again she used a lovely background paper and added a cupid complete with a bit of string for the bow, pearls surrounding one of the images and lots and lots of glitter. The bumble bee is silver metal and he almost blends in perfectly.

The third page I received is from Diana Kelly.

I am in awe with this one. She started off with a lovely background paper, added a collage image that of course got a bit of glitter. Then surrounded the image with vine fiber that she added a touch of glitter to. In the lower right she added a gorgeous 3D flower sticker complete with glitter and rhinestone centers for a few of the flowers.

At the top she placed a gorgeous paper flower and a metal butterfly, both of which again got glittered. Her finishing touches are some metal dragonflies placed randomly with, you guessed it a bit of glitter.

The fourth page, and alas the last, is by Nancy Elkin.

She used one of my favorite, and one of the collage images I used, collage images as the background of her page. Adding glittery fibers where the poles were and paper flowers all up and down them. She created a fence, at least that's what it looks like to me, using green bits of fiber and some more ribbon. It is quite nice. As a finishing touch she added a brass dragonfly.

I am so excited to have these pages, I've started work on the cover but might have to re-think how I was going to bind them. All together (I made doubles of my pages) it is quite thick.

The cover page for this book will most likely be the last project my current studio seas. We are going to be making a big move! I just hope I can finish this book up before then.

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