Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saw it on Pinterest & Did It ~ Monthly Linky party reminder

Hey Gang
Just wanted to do a quick reminder of my upcoming Linky party, only 2 weeks away now!
So I thought I would do a sample post.
I Saw This (link to original pin) on Pinterest
By The Lettered Cottage

And I did it!
I followed the instructions and used all the same supplies as The Lettered Cottage did

I got my paint from Home Depot instead of Ace (we don't have one of those) and found the letters at Micheal's
My jar wasn't nearly as cool, no handle, but it was still a good size for floral arrangements.
Everything turned out perfectly on this one.

However when I went to make another one, it was winter and I placed the jar outside to spray paint it.  Either it was too cold or I didn't let the layers dry completely but the paint ran and wasn't nice and smooth.  I don't have a photo since it hit the trashcan, wish I had made one :(  It very well might have been considered a Pintrosity (one of my favorite blogs)

See so simple and fun, now you all know about a new pin, a new blog and how I interpreted it. 
only 2 more weeks!

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Heather said...

And I am the very proud owner of that vase! I have flowers in it all the time!

Ricki Jill Treleaven said...

LOL I haven't seen Pintrosity but it sounds like it would be fun. Your vase looks so cute! I have a board on Pinterest for projects I'd like to try. I haven't tried a one..... :/