Sunday, December 30, 2012

Winter Jar Swap Announcement

 Winter Jar Swap
This will be a partner swap.
With a Blog hop scheduled after all the Jar's are received Date TBD.
What's a Winter Jar? 
Simple, a glass jar (minimum size 6 oz) that you fill with a winter scene of your choosing.
Decorations can be on the inside and outside but must be winter themed.
Think, snow, frost, winter animals, children bundled in coats, snowflakes, leafless trees etc etc...
To sign up:
e-mail me at
with the following information
Website (blog/typepad/flicker)
Any questions can be e-mail to me or left here in the comments and I will answer them as soon as I can.
Important Dates:
Sign ups CLOSE January 15th
Partners will be assigned on the16th
Mail by Date Feb 5th (Delivery Confirmation will be required)
Please do not sign up if you can not mail on time.
I've done a quick, not very detailed (sorry) tutorial on how I put mine together.
 I cleaned out my jar (dishwasher and used goo-be-gone on some of the sticky residue). 
My jar is/was a pickle jar, about 10 oz.
 Gather some of your Winter Themed bits and pieces and think about how to put them all together.
 I decided to insert by scene (flip my jar upside down).  I measured the jar opening and used a compass to draw the correct size and then cut it out.  I have fiber optics in my jar and that is what you see sticking out of the cardboard base I cut.
I also glittered my tree and put it on a wooden spool to make it stand taller in the jar.
 Next I added some snow.  I used store bought fluff and added glitter. 
I kept building up on my platform, the tree, the image I used (An Artfully Musing Christmas Image sold at Alpha Stamps), some fun bead sprays and sprinkled it all with some Mica Fragments.
 Next is the tricky part, fitting it all in.  I had to pull it out a few times to cut the fiber optics down and get the cut just right on the base but it eventually fit nice and snug.
To hide the area where the cap would go I adhered 3 layers of seam binding and some fabulous rhinestone trim.  I used large bendable snowflakes for the legs. 
 And topped the entire thing off with one of the large snowflakes and a handmade bow. 
I do hope you join us. 
There are some good video tutorial's on you tube (there are pros and cons to both of the ones I picked below but the techniques used are good) type in Fairy Jar
Laura of Artfully Musing has also done some great tutorials on how to decorate jars/bottles
They are located under her Apothecary Event
Please feel free to grab the button.

Glitter Tart Designs


Denise said...

Yes!I've been wanting to try these for a long while,and I've also been admiring other artist works in these pretty jars.Count me in please.Where are all the other comments of people who love these? Denise

Vampirschmetterlings Basteleck said...

Wow, what a great idear! Thanks for the video to watch.

Greetings, Ingrid

Monica said...

Caroline, I love the idea of this as it is something that I've always wanted to try! So sign me up girl!!!

A Vintage Fairy said...

Wow, I would love to sign up, sounds like fun!

Donna Humphries said...

I like the fact you have used your jar upside down. I make pickled witches in jars but after looking at these I have a few ideas for magical snow or glitter globes. x

Plumrose Lane said...

Ok, I'm in... this is just too cute and fun to pass up! I've never done a swap before so I may need a little hand-holding but I'm pretty low-maintenance overall. *smile*
Let me know what you need next ~ thanks!

Lula Loves Lipstick! said...

I wish I had seen this challenge earlier. How fun is this!


Magaly Guerrero said...

I'm late ;-( but wanted to say that this is a lovely idea.